Thursday, November 02, 2006

Secretary Kiffmeyer Continues to Misstate Her Record

In Tuesday's debate on Minnesota Public Radio, Minnesota Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer continued to misstate her record on Election Day Registration. Kiffmeyer challenged Mark Ritchie, the DFL candidate for Secretary of State, on his statement that she has been quoted attacking Election Day Registration in books and newspaper articles, and that she had promoted a change to a new system requiring voters to register to vote at least thirty days before the election.

Kiffmeyer said, "That is absolutely not true, and you know better than that. And it is just that type of negative campaigning that is just plain wrong."

In the Secretary of State debate sponsored by the League of Women Voter's and KSTP, Secretary Kiffmeyer went even further by saying, "There's absolutely no truth to that I have ever spoken anywhere, including our state, against any of our policies."

Despite these recent claims, Kiffmeyer has been quoted repeatedly around the country criticizing Election Day Registration.

* In Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, Kiffmeyer said that she is "tired of hearing her state's same day registration extolled," and she compares Minnesota elections to holding a party and not knowing how much food to buy because no one sent in an RSVP. "Some precincts run out of ballots while others are overstocked." (pg. 140)

* Kiffmeyer was quoted in an opinion piece in the Times Republican (Iowa) as saying, "We have long lines because of same-day. People get frustrated and leave." ("Same Day Voter Registration Addressed," 11/21/05)

* In an article in the Los Angeles Times, Kiffmeyer said that Minnesota has had mixed results with Election Day Registration. She admitted that it has led to higher turnouts, but also said that Same Day Registration has led to long lines and confusion at the polling places. She said that she suspects that Same Day Registration has led to more voter fraud and advised, "You need to have integrity with your access. It is just as important and I highly recommend that California be careful about maintaining its integrity." ("Voters Consider Signups at the Polls," 10/1/02)

* Kiffmeyer told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that she would not recommend election voter registration to other states. "Pre-registration is the standard in most states, and that's the norm. It's much easier when you have a cutoff date for registration" ("Sabo introduces national same-day voter registration bill," 9/25/03).

* According to the Senate District 41 Republicans, Kiffmeyer said that voter fraud would be significantly reduced in the state if we switched to a 30-day pre-election registration period like most states. ("The Homegrown Optimist," 2/24/04:

"Given these documented statements, it clear that Secretary Kiffmeyer has spoken out against Minnesota's policy," said James Haggar, campaign manager for the Ritchie campaign. "If she does support Election Day Registration she should stop attacking it outside of our state."

Mark Ritchie, the founder of the national voter registration program NOVEMBER 2, is the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate for Secretary of State. Go to for more information.


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