Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recap of Local DFA Link Races in MN

The Mpls DFA IRV & Election Integrity Group is celebrating the success of the Minneapolis Charter Amendment to use Instant Runoff Voting. The IRV Amendment WON with 65% of the vote. There is a victory celebration on 11/14. Thank you to all who volunteered and supported this project.

Here is a recap of other local candidates with DFA Link Campaign Pages:
  • Tim Faust for MN House 8B WON (52.4-47.4 or +731 votes)
  • Melissa Jabas for MN House 17A LOST (49.4-50.5 or -195 votes)
  • Jeremy Kalin for MN House 17B WON (50.5-49.4 or +204 votes)
  • Eileen Weber for MN House 57B LOST (42.6-55.2)
  • Andy Luger for Hennepin County Attorney, LOST (40.37-59.11)
  • Chris Stewart for Minneapolis School Board WON (came in 3 of 6 to be elected one of the 4 seats)
  • Pam Costain for Minneapolis School Board WON (came in 1 of 6 to be elected one of the 4 seats)

Democrats now control the MN Legislature! They maintain the MN Senate with a 44-23 split (a gain of 6 seats) and took back the MN House with a split of 85-49 (a gain of 19 seats). Two of those 19 MN House seats were gained by DFA Link Candidates in greater MN:

1) Jeremy Kalin who was one of our 5 DFM Take Back the House candidates in 2004
2) Tim Faust who lost by only 87 votes in 2004

Congratulations and thank you to all the DFA Link candidates for their courage to run off office and their hard work to help Minnesota races turn blue across the state.


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