Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ellison Extra: Five Days Out, One Clear Choice

Dear Friend,

As we approach Election Day, it’s important that we and our families, friends, and co-workers are crystal clear about the choice before us. You have an important role to play in letting people know about Keith and why we need him to be our next Congressman!

We still need a lot of help spreading the word about Keith to voters in the 5th District. Click here to volunteer and help us do this!

There are powerful differences between Keith and his opponents. View last weekend’s League of Women Voters debate on KSTC-Channel 45:

On the War in Iraq…
Keith stood up against the war before it was popular; before others got wise to the lies. When Paul Wellstone spoke out against the war, it wasn’t because of “faulty intelligence”; it was because he knew it was wrong. Keith wants to bring our troops home NOW because the evidence shows our presence in Iraq is making things worse, not better. This is the right plan for our men and women in uniform – and for our country.

On health care…
Most know that Keith strongly supports universal, single-payer health care. And right now, for our seniors, Keith seeks changes to Medicare Part D because he knows the hardship this flawed program has caused. It prohibits the government from negotiating prescription drug prices – proof of the role big business plays in Republican policymaking. Keith Ellison will support the health care needs of our country against the interests of big drug companies and HMOs.

On voting rights…
There is little more fundamental to our democracy than voting. Minnesota is a leader in voter participation because our laws encourage, not discourage, voting. Keith’s opponents support requiring voters to show ID at the polls, and they don’t support our current law allowing voters to vouch for other voters at the polls. Mandatory voter ID is not the American way and certainly isn’t the Minnesota way. Keith believes in the right to vote – it’s about as simple as that.

Next Tuesday, November 7 – six days from now – we have a clear choice. We must elect Keith Ellison to Congress because he is the only true progressive in this race.

We still have a lot of work to do. We need to turn out the 5th district for all Democrats. The only way that happens is if the lifeblood of this campaign – volunteers – helps us talk to voters on Election Day and the weekend before. Our historic get-out-the-vote effort led to a Primary win. We need to pull it off one more time to put Keith and the whole DFL ticket over the top!

Go to or call Batala at 612.522.4416. You can volunteer for any of the activities below to ensure our progressive future:

Many Democratic voters need information and help in voting. On Tuesday, November 7, we need your help talking to them at their doors and taking them to the polls. If you can’t take the whole day off, you can still sign up for a shift. We’ll take whatever time you have!

B) Volunteer this weekend!
On the weekend before the Primary, we had enough volunteers to knock and call entire Senate Districts. It made the difference then, and we know it can again with your help!

C) Help with weekday phone banks and doorknocks!
There are voters in the 5th District whose doors we can’t knock, but who we can talk to on the phone. If you have an hour – or two or three – on a weeknight, please sign up to help!

Now it the time to make history. With you, WE WILL WIN!

For additional information, visit

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