Thursday, November 30, 2006

St. Paul DFA Link Iraq War Forum on Cable

In case you missed it, the St. Paul DFA Link Iraq War Fourm consisted of a panel of four experts, a moderator, and audience questions. The event was held at Macalester College on 9/11/06 and was moderated by David Perry, a faculty member in the Macalester College Department of History.

Panelists included:

  • Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer - Univ. of St. Thomas Peace and Justice Studies professor
  • Edward Morrissey - Heritage Foundation conservative blogger and radio show host
  • Phil Steger - Friends for a Nonviolent World director
  • Lou Ellingson - Swift Boat retired Navy captain and small business owner
St. Paul DFA Link member Stan Hilliard has arranged for the St. Paul DFA Link Iraq War Forum held on 9/11/06 to be aired on local cable access. The video of the forum is scheduled to be shown on Suburban Community Channels (SCC) Channel 15 and runs 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The current schedule is on the schedule-tab at: and is listed below:
  • Saturday December 2, 2006, 3:00 PM
  • Sunday December 3, 2006, 3:00 PM
  • Saturday December 9, 2006, 3:00 PM
  • Sunday December 10, 2006, 3:00 PM
  • Saturday December 23,2006, 3:00 PM
  • Sunday December 24, 2006, 3:00 PM
  • Monday December 25, 2006, 3:00 PM
SCC does not go to all communities in the metro but does provide great outreach into the suburban areas. The program will be viewable in Birchwood, Dellwood, Grant, Lake Elmo, Mahtomedi, Maplewood, North Saint Paul, Oakdale, Vadnais Heights, White Bear Lake, White Bear Township, and Willernie. If you don't live in this viewing area but would like to have the St. Paul DFA Link Iraq War Forum aired on your local cable access channel, please contact St. Paul DFA Link member Stan Hilliard.

Stan is attempting to work with another local cable access provider (CTV15), which creates the content for channel 15 for in Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville, St. Anthony, and Shoreview. In order to be shown in the CTV15 area, a resident of the area must submit the program material. If you live in CTV15 area and would like to help ensure that the St. Paul DFA Link Iraq War Forum is aired on CTV15, please contact St. Paul DFA Link member Stan Hilliard.

Stan is also looking for volunteers willing to help place the St. Paul DFA Link Iraq War Fourm on the internet. (hint, hint)

Readers who have any ideas on how to increase viewership of the St. Paul DFA Link Iraq War Fourm are encouraged to post their thoughts in the comments section of this post.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can MN Have a Peace Candidate for Senate in '08?

Peace for Senate in '08 ­ A discussion about the feasibility of electing a peace candidate in the modern age of big money and big media politics. Charley Underwood will be moderating the evening and the event is hosted by the DFL Progressive Caucus.

MLK Recreation Center
4055 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55409 (map)
Tue Nov 21 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Please come a little early if you can to socialize.

This power-packed panel discussion will include:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Send Howard Dean a Birthday Card!

Happy Birthday Howard Dean!

You know that Howard Dean's 50 State Strategy had a lot to do with last week's big Democratic victory. But Democratic political pundit James Carville is insisting that Howard needs to be "held accountable" for his "Rumsfeldian incompetence" as DNC Chair. Carville is getting a ton of press about it, and he's right about one thing. Howard Dean should be held accountable. He should be held accountable for helping state parties nationwide develop and support competitive campaigns in places where Democrats haven't won for years.

Today is Howard's birthday, and Democracy for America is sending him a giant birthday card.

Sign the card at:

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Andy Luger: Please Run Again!

"We appreciate the sacrifice others are making in the quest to serve, and respect them for it."
-- Andy Luger
As a first-time candidate for public office, I received a lot of advice and guidance from political professionals and people with experience running campaigns. I developed a strategy and worked hard to implement and execute my campaign plan. But there is one thing about running for office I had not anticipated and I think remains a closely held secret: how well most candidates actually get along.

Read the complete article at the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Andy Luger understands that in order to build a better community we must find some common ground to work with our newly elected officials. Andy's words are also encouraging a new generation of candidates to run for office. Andy was the best local candidate I've seen in years and I hope he runs again. -EB

This is what Andy had to say on his web site, which I thought was the best local web site of the 2006 campaign cycle:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement and good wishes over the past 22 months. I have been asked many times since Tuesday night how I feel. While I am disappointed that I will not serve as your Hennepin County Attorney, I am proud to have had the privilege to run for this office and to get to know so many of you personally.

Politics is not easy, and running for office brings great challenges. But you inspired me with your passion, your energy and your commitment to the shared values I talked about in this campaign. Thank you for marching in parades, making phone calls, going to caucuses, contributing money and standing with me through this long race.

This was my first run for office, and, despite the result, I will always cherish this campaign. Throughout this race I was lucky to work with a talented and dedicated campaign team and I received wise counsel from community, labor and business leaders.

Ellen and I are grateful for your support and your friendship.

Kind Regards,


Andy Luger was a candidate for Hennepin County attorney and a local DFA Link endorsed candidate in 2006.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Aren't you glad Howard Dean works for Democrats?

From time to time DFM spotlights other MN Bloggers. This post was taken directly from our good friend and DFA Link member: Truth Surfer.

Aren't you glad Howard Dean works for Democrats? We're winning because of him and those that work toward his vision like DFL State Chair Melendez. We have an agenda, a plan, a goal and a message. They all support the Democratic vision.

Dean stuck to his principles in rebuilding the party. He and his supporters in the netroots movement believed that their party needed to rebuild from the ground up in every state, including many where the party existed in name only. Here in Minnesota that kind of committment has made all the difference. In the area I live in (south suburbs) we've put Democrats into office after hearing for a whole year that we lived in too red an area to elect democrats. Well, we're a very bluish violet today.

Thank you Mr. Dean. All the long hours and endless lit drops and doorknocks were worth it if for nothing else than the soon-to-be ex RNC chair Ken Mehlman.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recap of Local DFA Link Races in MN

The Mpls DFA IRV & Election Integrity Group is celebrating the success of the Minneapolis Charter Amendment to use Instant Runoff Voting. The IRV Amendment WON with 65% of the vote. There is a victory celebration on 11/14. Thank you to all who volunteered and supported this project.

Here is a recap of other local candidates with DFA Link Campaign Pages:
  • Tim Faust for MN House 8B WON (52.4-47.4 or +731 votes)
  • Melissa Jabas for MN House 17A LOST (49.4-50.5 or -195 votes)
  • Jeremy Kalin for MN House 17B WON (50.5-49.4 or +204 votes)
  • Eileen Weber for MN House 57B LOST (42.6-55.2)
  • Andy Luger for Hennepin County Attorney, LOST (40.37-59.11)
  • Chris Stewart for Minneapolis School Board WON (came in 3 of 6 to be elected one of the 4 seats)
  • Pam Costain for Minneapolis School Board WON (came in 1 of 6 to be elected one of the 4 seats)

Democrats now control the MN Legislature! They maintain the MN Senate with a 44-23 split (a gain of 6 seats) and took back the MN House with a split of 85-49 (a gain of 19 seats). Two of those 19 MN House seats were gained by DFA Link Candidates in greater MN:

1) Jeremy Kalin who was one of our 5 DFM Take Back the House candidates in 2004
2) Tim Faust who lost by only 87 votes in 2004

Congratulations and thank you to all the DFA Link candidates for their courage to run off office and their hard work to help Minnesota races turn blue across the state.

DFA Link Election Results: MN State and Federal Races

Below are the election results of our State and Federal Races that have DFA Link pages in MN:

DFA & Local DFA Link Endorsed Candidates:
Local DFA Link Endorsed Candidates for Federal Offices:

1) The democrats took back the office of Secretary of State in Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada. This will bring back fair and clean elections in 2008 (thanks to the SOS Project). Minnesota also took back the office of the State Auditor and held the office of Attorney General.
2) Minnesota elected the state's first female senator and retired a republican congressman in the process.
3) Democrat, Tim Walz (MN-01) took back a congressional seat that was held by a republican for the past 12 years. Walz is also the first graduate from Camp Wellstone to win a federal office.
4) Democrat, Keith Ellison (MN-05) will serve as Minnesota's first elected congressperson of color and the first Muslim American in congress.

Post Election Update and Thank You

Before I go into the elections results I wanted to say 3 quick things:

1) Sorry our blogging at DFM has been so spotty...we were in the field supporting our DFA Link candidates and didn't have time to write. This blog is still active but traffic will be slowing down to the level of weekly posts. Thanks for understanding.

2) Thank you to all of the DFA Link members who volunteered on campaigns in all over the nation with phone banks, lit drops, door knocks, data entry, on-line organizing, etc.

3) Celebrate with other DFA Link members in Minneapolis tonight at our DFA Link Meeting. (We meet at 7pm over at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe: 1618 Central Ave NE)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

5 Days and Counting!

With ONLY 5 DAYS to go until the Mid-term Election, the Luger Campaign is in full swing! Please read below about how you can help make Election Day a success by donating just a few hours of your time!

Join us for a scenic lit-drop near Lake Nokomis this Saturday, November 4, at 1245 pm. Afterward we'll join Andy and other volunteers for some homemade chili and political conversation at the home of Martin and Lois Regnier Conroy, 5044 17th Ave South, Mpls., with co-host Council member Scott Benson & 12-5 Chair Brad Gess. To RSVP, email

Come and meet Tour de France winner Greg LeMond this Sunday, November 5, at 12:00 pm. Help lit drop in surrounding areas after the rally at the home of DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez, 1777 Dupont Ave S, Mpls., with special guests Mayor R.T. Rybak and members of the Mpls. City Council. RSVP by emailing

Remember: Just a few hours of your time will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in this election! You can help by making phone calls and dropping literature with us this week. Check out the schedule below, and email us at to RSVP.

Phone Banks
Wednesday; 6:00pm-9:00pm
Law Office of Greene Espel
600 South 6th Street, Suite 1200, Minneapolis

Thursday: 6:00pm-9:00pm
Law Office of Greene Espel
600 South 6th Street, Suite 1200, Minneapolis

Friday; 6:00pm-9:00pm
Remax Office: 7450 France Ave S, Edina

Lit Drops
Afternoons and evenings; 4:00pm-6:00pm, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Luger HQ: 1200 Mainstreet, Hopkins

Can you help with our visibility effort from 6:30am-8:00am on Election Day? Email to RSVP and we’ll assign you to a location.

Thank you for your support!
The Luger Campaign
(952) 938-2999

P.S. Join us on Election Night at the American Legion in Hopkins (10 12th Avenue S) to celebrate!

Secretary Kiffmeyer Continues to Misstate Her Record

In Tuesday's debate on Minnesota Public Radio, Minnesota Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer continued to misstate her record on Election Day Registration. Kiffmeyer challenged Mark Ritchie, the DFL candidate for Secretary of State, on his statement that she has been quoted attacking Election Day Registration in books and newspaper articles, and that she had promoted a change to a new system requiring voters to register to vote at least thirty days before the election.

Kiffmeyer said, "That is absolutely not true, and you know better than that. And it is just that type of negative campaigning that is just plain wrong."

In the Secretary of State debate sponsored by the League of Women Voter's and KSTP, Secretary Kiffmeyer went even further by saying, "There's absolutely no truth to that I have ever spoken anywhere, including our state, against any of our policies."

Despite these recent claims, Kiffmeyer has been quoted repeatedly around the country criticizing Election Day Registration.

* In Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, Kiffmeyer said that she is "tired of hearing her state's same day registration extolled," and she compares Minnesota elections to holding a party and not knowing how much food to buy because no one sent in an RSVP. "Some precincts run out of ballots while others are overstocked." (pg. 140)

* Kiffmeyer was quoted in an opinion piece in the Times Republican (Iowa) as saying, "We have long lines because of same-day. People get frustrated and leave." ("Same Day Voter Registration Addressed," 11/21/05)

* In an article in the Los Angeles Times, Kiffmeyer said that Minnesota has had mixed results with Election Day Registration. She admitted that it has led to higher turnouts, but also said that Same Day Registration has led to long lines and confusion at the polling places. She said that she suspects that Same Day Registration has led to more voter fraud and advised, "You need to have integrity with your access. It is just as important and I highly recommend that California be careful about maintaining its integrity." ("Voters Consider Signups at the Polls," 10/1/02)

* Kiffmeyer told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that she would not recommend election voter registration to other states. "Pre-registration is the standard in most states, and that's the norm. It's much easier when you have a cutoff date for registration" ("Sabo introduces national same-day voter registration bill," 9/25/03).

* According to the Senate District 41 Republicans, Kiffmeyer said that voter fraud would be significantly reduced in the state if we switched to a 30-day pre-election registration period like most states. ("The Homegrown Optimist," 2/24/04:

"Given these documented statements, it clear that Secretary Kiffmeyer has spoken out against Minnesota's policy," said James Haggar, campaign manager for the Ritchie campaign. "If she does support Election Day Registration she should stop attacking it outside of our state."

Mark Ritchie, the founder of the national voter registration program NOVEMBER 2, is the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate for Secretary of State. Go to for more information.

Keith Ellison: Let's Grow Our Democracy

Dear Friend,

The strength and verve of our democracy is literally at stake in next week’s election. You have the power to make this the most inclusive and embracing election we’ve seen in our lifetime. I am asking you to dig deep and please give once more to our campaign - $35, $50, whatever you can. Please give by clicking here:

A $35 gift today will fuel a day of voter rides to the polls for those in need. A donation of $50 today mails 150 households a piece of positive, issue-based literature. If you act today, your $250 (or more) will go toward a media campaign that calls to our best hopes over our darkest fears. With resources from committed folks like you, we’ll use every tool we have to build the broad majority we’ll need to continue our proud tradition - that of Humphrey, Mondale, Sabo, and Wellstone.

As more and more voters join the process, we all reap the rewards. From here on out we’ll be spending every penny, putting every ounce of energy and dedicating every waking moment to contacting the voters of the Fifth District. We’ll be reaching disaffected voters face to face. We’ll be reaching disadvantaged voters at their doors. We’ll be reaching disheartened voters in personal ways with our positive message: in our America everybody counts and everybody matters. Be sure we reach them all.

President Bill Clinton reminded Democrats in a recent appeal what is really at stake on Tuesday. He wrote, “The extreme ideological approach of the Republican leadership in Washington is spectacularly ill-suited to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. We need a Democratic majority to take us in a new direction.” I want to be your Democrat, working hard on the issues that matter most to you. But we won’t be able to weave together the many threads of our community without a strong loom. Our strong GOTV plan will engage voters of all walks all over the district – with your help.

Please contribute today. President Clinton finished his message with these words: “This is a serious election. We, as citizens, have some fundamental decisions to make about what kind of people we are, what kind of country we are going to leave our children and our grandchildren, and how we are going to relate to the rest of the world.” Next week we start in a New Direction. Start us on the right foot. Your help is needed now.

My sincere thanks,

Representative Keith Ellison
Minnesota House District 58B
DFL Candidate for Congress, District 5

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress

Ellison Extra: Five Days Out, One Clear Choice

Dear Friend,

As we approach Election Day, it’s important that we and our families, friends, and co-workers are crystal clear about the choice before us. You have an important role to play in letting people know about Keith and why we need him to be our next Congressman!

We still need a lot of help spreading the word about Keith to voters in the 5th District. Click here to volunteer and help us do this!

There are powerful differences between Keith and his opponents. View last weekend’s League of Women Voters debate on KSTC-Channel 45:

On the War in Iraq…
Keith stood up against the war before it was popular; before others got wise to the lies. When Paul Wellstone spoke out against the war, it wasn’t because of “faulty intelligence”; it was because he knew it was wrong. Keith wants to bring our troops home NOW because the evidence shows our presence in Iraq is making things worse, not better. This is the right plan for our men and women in uniform – and for our country.

On health care…
Most know that Keith strongly supports universal, single-payer health care. And right now, for our seniors, Keith seeks changes to Medicare Part D because he knows the hardship this flawed program has caused. It prohibits the government from negotiating prescription drug prices – proof of the role big business plays in Republican policymaking. Keith Ellison will support the health care needs of our country against the interests of big drug companies and HMOs.

On voting rights…
There is little more fundamental to our democracy than voting. Minnesota is a leader in voter participation because our laws encourage, not discourage, voting. Keith’s opponents support requiring voters to show ID at the polls, and they don’t support our current law allowing voters to vouch for other voters at the polls. Mandatory voter ID is not the American way and certainly isn’t the Minnesota way. Keith believes in the right to vote – it’s about as simple as that.

Next Tuesday, November 7 – six days from now – we have a clear choice. We must elect Keith Ellison to Congress because he is the only true progressive in this race.

We still have a lot of work to do. We need to turn out the 5th district for all Democrats. The only way that happens is if the lifeblood of this campaign – volunteers – helps us talk to voters on Election Day and the weekend before. Our historic get-out-the-vote effort led to a Primary win. We need to pull it off one more time to put Keith and the whole DFL ticket over the top!

Go to or call Batala at 612.522.4416. You can volunteer for any of the activities below to ensure our progressive future:

Many Democratic voters need information and help in voting. On Tuesday, November 7, we need your help talking to them at their doors and taking them to the polls. If you can’t take the whole day off, you can still sign up for a shift. We’ll take whatever time you have!

B) Volunteer this weekend!
On the weekend before the Primary, we had enough volunteers to knock and call entire Senate Districts. It made the difference then, and we know it can again with your help!

C) Help with weekday phone banks and doorknocks!
There are voters in the 5th District whose doors we can’t knock, but who we can talk to on the phone. If you have an hour – or two or three – on a weeknight, please sign up to help!

Now it the time to make history. With you, WE WILL WIN!

For additional information, visit

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress

Ritchie Reader- November 2

Fantastic Letter by Representative Hilty
Representative Bill Hilty of Finlayson had an amazing letter printed in the Duluth News Tribune today. Read it at:§ion=Opinion (It is the third letter down.)

5 Days Left!
There are only 5 working days, including today, until the election! We need your help in these last crucial hours to talk to voters and help us get Mark’s name out there. We’ll be phone calling, doing visibility, and preparing for the big day almost 24/7 from here on out. If you can commit even a few hours it will make a big difference. This race will be very close and we need to put Mark over the top! To sign up, contact us at 612-229-1962 or

Special Note for Folks Who Live Out of State
Get in on the action – you can call from the comfort of your own home or from the beach wherever you are. Contact us at 612-229-1962 or

Election Day
On the big day we’ll be working hard all day as part of a coordinated effort to get out the vote. We need door knockers, phone callers, drivers, people to make and deliver food, and much more. If you can give all or part of Election Day to this effort contact us at 612-229-1962 or

Focused on Protecting Voters
Even as the campaign nears the end, Mark is focused on protecting Minnesota voters. Today Mark and Vice President Walter Mondale will be attending an election protection training and talking about the need to make sure everyone can vote easily.

Get-Out-the-Vote with Greg LeMond!

Help Andy Luger Get Out the Vote


Tour de France Winner Greg LeMond

Mayor RT Rybak and City Council Members
Scott Benson * Elizabeth Glidden * Lisa Goodman * Betsy Hodges
Diane Hofstede * Barb Johnson * Robert Lilligren * Ralph Remington
Don Samuels * Gary Schiff

Join us for a Rally and Get-Out-the-Vote Lit Drop for
Andy Luger
and other DFL candidates!

At the home of DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez
1777 Dupont Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Sunday, November 5
12:00pm – 3:00pm

Questions or RSVP to Stephanie or Lara at (952) 938-2999 or email
Prepared and paid for by Luger for Hennepin County Attorney

Minneapolis School Board Race – It's Incredibly Important

Dear Friend,

The vote you cast for school board will be one of your most important votes in this year's election. Your vote will help determine the direction of our school district for years to come and the quality of leaders who will guide it. There is nothing more crucial to the future of our children and our city.

I am very proud to be running for school board with three other excellent candidates – Chris Stewart, T. Williams, and Tom Madden. Since receiving the DFL endorsement, we have built a strong working relationship, become familiar with the critical issues in our district, and opened a dialogue with people in every corner of the city. Now we are ready to get to work!

I ask you to vote for the DFL-endorsed School Board team, and to encourage others to do so as well. Because school board is truly at the bottom of a very long ballot, this race might be overlooked or forgotten. It is critical to remind people what is at stake and why you are voting for the candidates you support. Please consider sending an email to friends and neighbors about your vote for Minneapolis School Board.

Finally, thank you to the hundreds of people who have shared their passion for public education and to those of you who have volunteered and donated money. We hope you will join us for a victory celebration with the Keith Ellison campaign after the polls close at 8:00 pm. The party will be at Trocaderos Nightclub, 107 3rd Ave N, Downtown Minneapolis.

For more information on the campaign, please check out my website.

Pam Costain