Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wilde Times Oct 2, 2006 - Thank you! $50,723 and Radio Spots too!

We raised $50,723 by Saturday! Thank you!

Your contributions put us over the top of our $50,000 goal on Saturday. It is exciting to see CD-3 Democrats building a strong campaign challenge!

If you didn't make the deadline, we want you to know that every penny contributed from today forward will go directly to more radio ads, more literature, and more lawn signs so we can get the word out to the voters. 2006 is the year to clean up Congress!

We're on the Air!
We have the coolest radio ads in the world, a fun little song by the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Ricky Lee Jones. You can hear it and get to the video at

Our first flight of radio ads will run this week as follows:
Tuesday-Saturday this week 5am-9am on WCCO AM830
Tuesday-Sunday on Air America Minnesota AM950, on Franken, Minnesota Matters, Big Brain Radio, and Ring of Fire.

LIT DROP this weekend!
Please join the Wilde Bunch as we team up with CD-3 state candidates for lit drops this weekend. Contact Betsy O'Berry at (952) 486-8746 or email: to sign up to get the word out across CD-3.

Adopt a Spot
You or your group can help us buy radio ads...also called SPOTS. The top rate for radio is $330 per spot. The Maple Grove Links have already "Adopted a Spot." Can you or your group collect $330 to "Adopt a Spot" too?

Lawn Sign Spots
Contact our office to have a lawn sign delivered to your house, or a bumper sticker sent in the mail. (952) 486-8746

36 Days to Election Day
Visit to contribute online now.


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