Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Star Tribune and PB & J

The Star Tribune endorsed Mark on Saturday!
In their article, “Mark Ritchie is best,” the Star Tribune editorial board wrote, “After eight years of distractions, diversions and general retreat from the scrupulous professionalism of Joan Growe, the secretary of state's office needs Mark Ritchie and his steady emphasis on ensuring that all Minnesotans can vote with ease -- and with confidence in the system's fairness and security.” Read the endorsement on our website:

PB & J
What does PB & J stand for? Phone Banking and JIM (the name of the map we’ve put on the wall where we track how many phone calls our dedicated volunteers have made). We’re making good progress, but we need your help! We’re calling every day, and we’re flexible with your schedule. We also need help with data entry. It's easy and fun to do. Two weeks left, contact us to volunteer today! Call us at 612-229-1962 or e-mail


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