Monday, October 02, 2006

Ritchie: Sending out an SOS

Minnesota voters are sending out an SOS for a new SOS. We're receiving email after email and call after call about the need for change in the Secretary of State's office. People are tired of partisanship in the office and they want someone who will champion democracy and work to protect voters and restore trust in the system.

Thankfully their calls for change are being answered. Mark Ritchie is working day and night, traveling the state and talking to voters. He's answering the call and tirelessly fighting for voters.

But we've got to make sure Mark gets elected. So we're sending out our own SOS. We are calling on Mark’s supporters to commit to helping us get him elected. He can't do it alone, we need people to help bring his message to the voters. We're calling voters Sundays and Monday through Thursday evenings, and door knocking on Saturdays. Now is the time to volunteer for Mark; now is the time to fight for change; now is the time to help us answer the call and give Minnesota's democracy the help it needs!

Contact us today at 612-229-1962 or email


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