Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ritchie Reader -- October 19

Come See Mark and Governor Howard Dean
Mark is taking part in a rally today at 2:30 with Governor Howard Dean and other DFL candidates at the Coffman Union Theater at the U of M. They'll be rallying students and then door knocking in the dorms. Come join the fun! Go to for info.

Check out the TV Ad!
Mark's TV ad has been on the air for half a week, and it's getting rave reviews. Catch it on KARE 11 and FOX 9, our website, and YouTube ( ). This very positive and upbeat ad is narrated by former Secretary of State Joan Growe. To help us keep it on the air until Nov. 7, click here to donate:

Albert Lea Tribune Endorses Mark
One of the largest papers in southern Minnesota, The Albert Lea Tribune, endorsed Mark on Wednesday. They said,

"...Mark Ritchie wants to bring respect and integrity back to the office, and it's high time. The people who seek the office belong to a political party, but the office holder should act nonpartisan. Minnesotans recall the fair, evenhanded ethic secretaries of state followed for decades. We believe Ritchie will follow that ethic."

You can read the article on The Albert Lea Tribune's website:

Mark has been supported by a number of newspapers in this race. Check out our website!

The Great Grassroots Campaign
With less than 20 days until the election, we need your help more than ever to get Mark's message out all across the state. Please volunteer one shift over the next two and a half weeks and help us call as many undecided voters as possible. Contact us at 612-229-1962 or email if you can help with phoning or in any other way.

Spend Election Day With Us
Please consider taking all or part of Election Day off so you can help us get people to the polls. We'll be joining a coordinated effort to call, doorknock, and drive thousands of voters to the polls. Contact us at 612-229-1962 or for more information.


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