Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ritchie Reader -- October 10

Are You Registered? Have You Signed Up To Vote Absentee?
October 17 is the last day to pre-register to vote in Minnesota. Yes, you can register on Election Day, but it is best to get on the list beforehand. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to make sure they are registered and if you need more info go to our website: http://www.markritchie06.net/register/. If you are planning to help turn out the vote on Election Day, you might want to vote early via an absentee ballot in case you will be out of your precinct.

Watch for Our TV Ad
We are starting our TV commercials on October 16. We have an exciting ad to kick this off, but we need your help to get and keep it on the air. Every dollar that you contribute will help us buy more TV time in key markets. Help us reach many more Minnesotans by making a contribution, go to http://www.markritchie06.net/ and click on "Contribute."

Calling All Introverts and Extraverts
We are running an aggressive grassroots campaign throughout the state—phone banking every night, door knocking on the weekends, and working many of the key public events. We've put a giant map of Minnesota on the office wall to track our progress. We're filling it in every night to show how many calls we've made and how much of Minnesota is hearing from Mark. We're up to Rochester, and we’ve got to get to International Falls by Election Day!

We need your help to fill in the state. There are lots of different activities for all kinds of volunteers—introverts and extroverts, doorknockers and lit droppers, smooth talkers and data enterers. To help for one hour, one day, or a month email info@markritchie06.net or call 612-229-1962.

Getting Out the Vote
We are going to need every volunteer possible on the weekend and Monday before the election, along with Election Day. If you can take one or more days off to help us, please email info@markritchie06.net or call 612-229-1962.

In Case You Missed It
After skipping out on two debates, the current Secretary of State came to a televised debate on Minnesota Public Television. Check it out here: http://video1.tpt.org:8080/ramgen/almanac/show/2005.rm?start=29:32 (RealPlayer is required to view this video.)



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