Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rebecca Needs Your Help

Calling all supporters! Rebecca needs your help today!

In the closing days of this campaign, we expect several papers around the state to endorse her opponent as their "token" Republican. The thinking goes like this: the State Auditor race is not a policy position, and it has something to do with taxes, and that's (supposedly) a Republican issue, so throw them a bone since we're endorsing a lot of Democrats.

To counter this, we need you to write a letter to the editor and email it to all your local and major city papers TODAY. You can find your local papers’ email addresses here:

Below are 7 talking points to choose from.

Please keep your letters SHORT (150 words or less). Keep them CORDIAL. Make them PERSONAL--why you care about Rebecca's race. And be certain to include your name, address, and phone.

Please email a blind copy of your letters to me at and let me know where you sent them so we can track to see if they are printed.

Finally, please do this TODAY so they will still get in.

Help us make Rebecca the first woman Democrat elected to the office!


Shawn Otto

7 talking points to choose from:
(more info on Rebecca's website:

1. Rebecca is endorsed by all three of the last State Auditors of both parties - Arne Carlson, Mark Dayton, and Judi Dutcher. Between them they have 24 years of experience, and there's a good reason why they are all endorsing Rebecca.

2. Judi Dutcher, who has been both a Republican and a Democrat, perhaps said it best. "We need to rebuild the reputation of the office and restore a non-partisan approach which is not guided by politics but by sound auditing principles. Rebecca Otto has a non-partisan approach that is similar to mine."

3. The State Auditor is supposed to be a non-partisan position. For the first time in our history we have a highly partisan state auditor. For example, she was the first one to recommend cuts to local government aid, doing the bidding of the Minnesota Taxpayer's League but driving up property taxes. Recently, in an election year, she released a report that said schools had $87.5 million more revenue and 1,675 fewer students that the Department of Education showed, making school finances look rosier. Distorting numbers for politics is wrong.

4. Rebecca has a long track record of being bipartisan. She united legislators of 3 parties behind her call for a truly balanced state budget.

5. Rebecca has caught the current auditor making millions upon millions of dollars in errors - repeatedly. One was over $180 million - which is the size of the annual budgets of Duluth and Bloomington - Minnesota's third and fourth largest cities - combined.

6. When confronted about this, the current auditor has either denied wrongdoing, accused Rebecca of making mistakes, or minimized the errors in the press. But then she's gone back and secretly changed her reports to Rebecca's numbers, which is a violation of the generally accepted accounting principles she's supposed to be enforcing. If she can change the numbers after the fact, it bcomes difficult to rely on any report she issues. The State Auditor is supposed to be ensuring financial integrity, not calling it into question.

7. Rebecca is working to strengthen community and school finances by opposing state or federal policies (like the cuts to LGA) that weaken communities and schools, and supporting ones that strengthen their finances. That's the appropriate job of an auditor.

PS: Please help us finish fundraising. We have to raise $5,000 by the end of the week. Click here to help:

Watch Rebecca’s “Bipartisan Bio” TV ad here:

Watch Rebecca’s “Living Green Values” TV ad here:

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