Thursday, October 12, 2006


Kos has the lowdown on the polls. Why it's worth a read....the comments have a lot of chatter about the MN-06 and some great support for MN-01.

Wetterling: 50 (DFA Link Endorsed Candidate)
Bachmann: 45

Gutknecht: 48
Walz: 47 (DFA Link Endorsed Candidate)

Polinaut (MPR's Political Blog), mentions the poll and focuses on the national spotlight on MN-06.

BSP notes that Gutknecht told the press that the race is close. Even The Nation is taking note of Walz's positive grassroots campaign.

MNCR says: More Foleygate bounce in the Sixth? Steady progress in the First?

Sounds like at least two MN red districts will turn blue in November!


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