Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Iraq for Sale Screenings

Last weekend DFA sponored a half dozen Iraq for Sale screenings in Minnesota and hundreds of events around the nation. DFA's coalition partner, PAC, is sponsoring (~20) local screenings around the state this weekend (10/14-10/15) as part of their Call for Change Program. Event listings can be found here. DFA is a proud co-sponsor of the Call for Change Program and DFM will post more MN Call for Change events on this blog in the future.

There is also one last large DFA sponsored screening next week:

10/19 Screening in St. Paul with the Parade Brigade Minnesota DFA Link Group and the MN DFL Veterans Caucus at the UAW Union Hall.


Anonymous Bill Levinson said...

When asked people to show "Iraq for Sale," did it remember to tell them how its Action Forum welcomed racist and anti-Semitic hate speech, including an actual blood libel of Jews?

MoveOn attempted to disclaim responsibility by blaming the hate speech on shady Republican operatives. The problem is, MoveOn's moderators were monitoring the forum and censoring items with which they did not agree. They chose to let the hate speech and blood libel stand. Case closed, I think.

10/14/2006 12:22 PM  

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