Friday, October 13, 2006

Meet Keith Ellison at the Golden Valley Country Club

Meet Keith Ellison
at the Golden Valley County Club
7001 Golden Valley Road

Sunday, October 15th 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Sam & Sylvia Kaplan
Former Rep. Betty Folliard
Marcy Shapiro
Ted & Martha Lofstrom

Invite you to an afternoon with our next Congressman
Keith Ellison

Music by SpiritJazz and Jelloslave
Art by Donald Walker
Desserts & coffee will be served
~cash bar available~

Senator Steve Kelley
DFL Chai Brian Melendez
DFL Associate Chair Donna Cassutt
CD5 Chair Dave Lee
Chair Larry Fonnest SD45
Chair Joel Jensen SD44
DNC Member Jackie Stevenson
Elaine Wynne & Larry Johnson

$50 * $100 * $250 * $500 * $1000
(receive a complimentary print by the artist
with a contribution of $250 or more)
Tickets available at:
or call Anna 612-522-4416

Click here to RSVP!

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress *


Blogger Emerson Twain said...

If Mr. Ellison is indeed elected as 5th Minnesota district representative to the Congress of the United States he will become quite suddenly the defacto spokeperson for U.S. Muslims, as well as our elected representative. All eyes will be on him, both nationally and internationally. Should he win, look for CNN, the BBC, LeMonde, and Al Jazeera to come knocking. Osama bin Laden, deep in his cave will know the name of Keith Ellison and where he lives. The question is, should we, the electorate of the 5th district have some idea of what he intends to say on Islamic matters when asked, as he surely will be? What are his views on jihad? What about the the honor killings of women that are sweeping the infidel lands being colonized by Muslims? Where does he stand on the imposition of Shari'a law in infidel lands, the U.S., for example? Is Islam really a nation? If so, where is it? What about the veiling controversy in the UK in Jack Straw's District? Will Keith Ellison have the strength to stand against the bullies and killers in the camp of Islam who seek to stifle free speech or will he censor himself and expect us to do likewise? Is he ready for this? Are we ready for the glare of international publicity that will surely come? Let him speak now.

10/13/2006 9:35 PM  

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