Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mark Ritchie launches the "Ritchie Neighbor to Neighbor Campaign"

Start Spreading the News!

Here is your chance to make a difference and help elect Mark Ritchie our next Secretary of State!

We are launching the "Ritchie Neighbor to Neighbor Campaign." We have said all along that we are running a grassroots campaign and what better way to get Mark's name out there then by talking with your neighbors!

What we are asking each of you to do is call, email, or write a note to at least five people who are not strong Democrats. Tell them why you support Mark Ritchie and think he will be a great Secretary of State. If you would like a suggestion of what to write about, contact us at info@markritchie06.net or 612-229-1962. Our goal is to have people talk to as many people as they can about Mark and get his name and message out there, so make sure to help us out!

Don't forget that one person's vote can make a difference!!!

Phonebanks ContinueWe are phoning Sundays through Thursdays for swing voters. We need your help to reach 11,000 voters! Our phonebanks run Sundays 1-4 and 5-8, and Monday through Thursday 6-9 at 2829 University Ave SE in Minneapolis.


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