Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Dear Friend,

If you haven’t already heard it, today the Minneapolis Star-Tribune endorsed our Keith Ellison for Congress! (

We’re extremely pleased that the Star-Tribune has recognized some of Keith’s finest qualities, ones we’ve known about all along: his ability to get results for his constituents, his knack of getting along with a wide range of people, and his talent for bring people together.

The endorsement is also huge step forward toward sending Keith to Congress, where he will prove to Washington what he’s already proved to the 5th District – that he is a progressive fighter who delivers for people and for principle by building bridges and bringing people together.

Be sure to let your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers know about this great endorsement. It’s a clear statement that now more than ever, Keith is the right choice, in the best of our Minnesota traditions, for our progressive 5th District. He’s already been there for us, for our values and for our ideals, and he will be there every day for us and for our hopes for our families and neighborhoods, our district, our country, and our world.

This is what it’s all about.

Selections from the endorsement are below:

“The race to succeed Martin Sabo in Congress has turned into such a brawl of personal revelations and unseemly attacks that voters must be feeling starved for substance. When they do look at issues of substance, however, we think they'll prefer state Rep. Keith Ellison.”

“Critics have tried to paint the Minneapolis DFLer as a radical and a divider. That simply doesn't square with the view of people who know him. Colleagues at the Legislature describe a congenial and productive lawmaker. Fellow lawyers say Ellison is a hardworking and talented attorney. During two terms in the Minnesota House, he has authored bills on lead paint abatement, voter fraud, retail crime and a healthy range of other issues, often building bipartisan alliances in the process. His trademark is bringing people together, and he has a gift for enfranchising the disenfranchised, a talent that Minnesota needs.”

“We are mindful that Ellison has a history of carelessness that is more than personal peccadillo -- unpaid parking tickets, late taxes, missed deadlines for campaign finance documents. He has promised to run a tighter ship, and he will have to if he wants to secure the confidence of Fifth District constituents and survive the brutal politics of Washington. But his talent, legislative track record and passion for a better society justify the voter's gamble on his future.”


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