Tuesday, October 10, 2006

DFA Link, Night School, and Bloggers Oh My!

Looking for something to do tonight from 7:30-8:30 CT?

Try the DFA Night School! Tonight's lesson is all about GOTV. Can't make it but want to cram for the elections? All of the DFA Night School resources are on-line.

The DFA Link is fun and easy to use and the DFA Night School group is just one example. Our goal is to have 500 MN members on the DFA Link by the November Elections (hint we are really close). Have you joined the DFA Link yet? Already a DFA Link member? Now is the time to invite your friends.

MN Bloggers have also joined the DFA Link and are blogging about local DFA Link endorsed candidates. We'll be spotlighting some of these local bloggers from time to time, especially on busy news days.

mncampaignreport (MNCR):

Top Stories for Joe Today Include:

A New Focus on Down Ballot Races: Secretary of State Project and DFA-List Candidate, Mark Ritchie (MN-SOS) are mentioned.

MN-01: Gutknecht Attacks Ads, Walz Camp Responds: On the surface the AFSCME ads in CD1 and Gil's attack that are the focus of this post, however, it's the response by the campaign team of Tim Walz (MN-01) to this latest rant that steals the show:

"The Congressman's staff needs to spend less time worrying about his fashion and more time trying to solve America's problems. For the sake of our voters and our soldiers, I sincerely hope they're able to turn their attention from expensive men's clothing to the extremely expensive war we're fighting in Iraq."

Now that's a campaign that can stay on message! With action like this, no wonder Tim Walz is the MN Candidate with the most local DFA Link endorsements!

MNCR also does interviews and Joe's latest is with another local DFA Link endorsed candidate, Wendy Wilde (MN-03). You can read the interview here. Wendy's "elect mom" campaign is helping turn CD3 blue. She's doing her part to make the area welcoming and safe to be a democrat again. Go to her web site to find out how you can help.


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