Friday, October 13, 2006

Daily Kos - Act Blue Launches Wendy Wilde $20 Challenge

A post on Daily Kos today challenges Wendy supporters to donate $20 to our campaign via Act Blue. If 10 people donate $20 the writer will triple the contribution.

Your $20 can make a big difference! With barely 3 weeks to election day, we still need funds to get the mass media out to as many voters as possible. Every penny you donate will go toward literature, lawn signs, and advertising.

Here's the Act Blue link to make your contribution to Wendy:

The first run of radio ads brought a large number of emails and phone calls from new potential supporters who are unhappy with Washington and looking for new leadership. Can you help us reach more voters who want change to tell them about Wendy?

Thanks! Hope to see you Sunday at the Wilde Music Fest at the Narrows North in Maple Grove.

Paid for by Wendy Wilde For Congress, Bruce Brillhart, Treasurer
6950 France Avenue South Suite 108, Edina, Minnesota 55435
Telephone (952) 486-8746 email:


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