Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Who Wants Mark Ritchie as the Next Secretary of State?

We all do, right?

Things are getting exciting over here at Ritchie HQ and if you agree that Minnesotans need a Secretary of State we can trust, then we need your help! We've got projects every day and voters to talk to every night and we would love to have you join us. (We'll give you chocolate!)

To sign up for any of the options below, e-mail us at info@markritchie06.net or call 612-229-1962.

We're Dialing Away!
We have phone banks every Sunday from 1-4 and 5-8, and Monday-Thursday nights from 6-9pm. Voter contact is critical to get Mark's name out to the state and remind voters how important this race is.

Please join us for a shift or two or three before the General Election.

More callers equals more people learning who Mark is and what he will do to ensure fair elections. Join us! And don't forget, chocolate!

Doorknocks are coming!
Starting Sept. 30 the Ritchie campaign will be hitting the doors fast and furious with the help of our dedicated volunteers.

This is one of the best ways to contribute to Mark, and it's the most fun as well because you get to talk to voters face to face and tell them why Mark is so great!

Sign up for a shift or two or three before the General Election.

Get Your Name in Print Explaining Your Support!
We are continually wanting people to write in to their paper to talk about why they support Mark and many other topics.

Contact us and we can help you figure out where to submit a letter and what it should be about.

Help Us Enter All the Info We're Getting
We have data entry daily and other easy tasks at the office. We use a simple system for data entry that we can easily teach to you. If chatting with voters or writing letters just isn't your thing, you can help us by coming by for part or all of a day. We'll keep you busy, and the office is where we keep the chocolate!

We only have approximately 50 days to get Mark elected and every day is critical. Once again, send an e-mail to info@markritchie06.net or call 612-229-1962 to sign up to volunteer right now!


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