Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tim Walz is on the air!

Tim’s first radio ad is on the airwaves throughout the First District this week and it’s a big hit! We are on the air 3 weeks earlier than planned and we intend to stay up. Because he is on the air before his opponent goes negative, Tim will be defined by Tim, not by his opponent.

Check out our ad, "Hearing Hope," at And while you’re there, check out our upcoming events!

We need your continued support to be heard by a majority of southern Minnesota voters. Our research shows that when people hear Tim’s positive message, independents and swing voters swing hard to Walz.

Early, frequent, and continuous media will make the difference in this race.

Your help today lets us add more spots to our next radio purchase.
• $32 buys an ad on evening drive time on a country station
• $26 buys an ad on morning drive time on a light rock station
• $ 9 buys an ad on late night easy listening

To sponsor one or more spots, visit

We’ll be up early….we’ll be up continuously… determine how frequently.

In other news, the Democratic National Committee chose Tim Walz and Eric Massa of NY to give the Democratic response to George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld’s recent “stay the course” entreaty. Tim’s fiery denunciation of the administration’s failure in Iraq drew national attention, and was followed by a call for a vote of ‘no confidence’ for Rumsfeld by the U.S. Senate. Times are changing, and on November 7, we will take control of our country and put it back on the right track.

Please contribute today, as much as yo u are able. This week we hit the 60 day mark – the hard work of the last 20 months comes down to 60 days. If Tim’s message is heard by the voters, I am certain we will be the victor on Nov. 7.


Kerry Greeley
Campaign Manager
Tim Walz for US Congress

P.S. To donate, visit or send your check to Tim Walz for US Congress, PO Box 938, Mankato MN 56002.

P.P.S. Tim Walz and Gil Gutknecht will debate again on Sept 11, 2006 in Rochester. The event is sponsored by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. To purchase tickets, visit

Prepared and paid for by Tim Walz for U.S. Congress.


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