Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Rockridge Institute Needs Your Help!

We Need Your Help

In this issue:
1. Help Build Rockridge Nation
2. Biconceptualism
3. What Would Real Election Integrity Mean?

1. Help Build Rockridge Nation

"Liberalism needs strong, well-funded institutions fighting the rhetorical battle."
-Thomas Frank
Author, What's the Matter With Kansas

To our constituents:

We need your help.

Until now the Rockridge Institute has relied nearly exclusively on support from a relatively small number of major contributors. But in order to expand our service to the progressive community, we have to broaden our base of support.

Four years ago, hardly anybody had heard of framing, and we were just beginning to study how framing works in politics. Now, thanks to those contributions, framing is cited everywhere, and we have figured out the basics of how widely and deeply framing operates. We are releasing our results to the public in the form of a handbook.

The Progressive's Handbook, Thinking Points (, will be available this week, both at your local bookstores and online, for $10 retail - and will soon be available for free download from this site.

Thinking Points is a systemic overview of what every citizen needs to know about framing. It will be the cornerstone of our greatly expanded framing activities, to be conducted online and interactively.

A "must-read," says both Arianna Huffington and the ACLU's Anthony Romero. "Essential reading," says MoveOn's Eli Pariser.

Having achieved the goals of Rockridge 1.0, we are moving on to Rockridge 2.0.

First, we will be extending Thinking Points to cover the full spectrum of issues as they arise.

Second, and most exciting, we will be forming Rockridge Nation, a national speak-out network of people and organizations who want to use our materials as a basis for speaking out with an authentic voice in a proactive, well-framed, values-driven way.

We believe that an active grassroots national progressive voice will be absolutely necessary if we are to take country back from conservative rule. This is not just about elections or slogans. It is about how America thinks about its future and its politics. You can be a part of this.

But we need your help.

You have the power to change America's future. Please give what you can—either as a one-time gift or, better still, as a monthly recurring contribution—by clicking this secure donation link: Our future depends on you.

In return, you have our commitment that we will continue to speak for the progressive values and ideals that you hold dear.

Bruce Budner
Executive Director

George Lakoff
Senior Fellow

"The work at Rockridge seems to me to be the most hopeful effort to be undertaken in the last 50 years for reforming our political systems."
-Rockridge online contributor

"Behind every effective political or social movement, there is a guiding philosopher to articulate theory and, sometimes, strategy. For communism it was Karl Marx. For democracy it was Thomas Jefferson. And for secular progressivism, it is George Lakoff."
-Bill O'Reilly in Culture Warrior

2. Biconceptualism
Our new book, Thinking Points: Communicating Our American Values and Vision, includes an explanation of the so-called political center. We have just posted Chapter 2, entitled "Biconceptualism," which examines this topic and why progressives can best appeal to self-proclaimed moderates by remaining true to their progressive values, in the Thinking Points section of our website. [The preface through chapter 2 are also available on the NE Minneapolis DFA-Link page:]

3. What Would Real Election Integrity Mean?
Learn about the challenges our voting system faces and how progressives can respond by reading this new article on the Rockridge website:

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