Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ritchie Reader -- September 14

Yes, Mark Won!
Minnesota's primary was Tuesday, and Mark won big! According to the final numbers, Mark got over 70% of the vote. Now comes the fun!

Speaking of Fun
We're doing two big fundraisers next week. Join Mark and special guest Jennifer Brunner (the fabulous Democratic candidate running to replace Ken Blackwell as Ohio's Secretary of State) at 1900 LaSalle (the Van Dusen Event Center) on Wednesday September 20 at 5:30-8. The next night (September 21), we have another event in St. Paul. Check your email or call us at 612-229-1962 for more details. Not many more days left to enjoy the fun, so come on!

National Folks are Tuning In
Mark's race has been getting more and more national attention and support. Democracy for America (DFA) joined Governor Vilsack's Heartland PAC and the Secretary of State Project in endorsing Mark. Check out these great groups online for more details.

The Stories that Matter
From time to time, we hear heartwarming stories about this campaign, elections, and the power of the vote. These make our day and remind us why it's so important to get Mark into office. We'd like to start featuring these stories on our website to share with you, but we need more stories! Please send us yours to, and we'll post them on our blog "Inside the Campaign" ( Check it out!

Make New Stories
We need more volunteers to do research, letter writing, door knocking, phoning, mailings, and joining us at parades and events! If you can help one hour, one day, or the entire next month, call Mary B today at 612-414-6899 or email

Help Us Stay FocusedThe less time we have to spend fundraising, the more we can spend talking to voters. Help us stay focused on spreading Mark's message about the importance of having fair and open elections to Minnesotans all across the state, by contributing $25, $50, or up to $250 right now! Remember all Minnesotans can get their first $50 donation of the year back from the state. Go to and click "Contribute" to ensure Minnesota has clean elections in 2008.


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