Friday, September 08, 2006

Our First 2006 National DFA List Endorsement: Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie
Mark Ritchie -- Minnesota. Mark emerged as a national leader on voting rights issues in 2004 when he headed the National Voice Coalition. This nonpartisan Get Out the Vote campaign that coordinated the work of over 1000 groups nationwide and resulted in 5 million new registered voters. Mark is a champion in the fight against voter suppression, and is an ardent proponent of a voter verified paper trail. As Secretary of State, he will be a leader in removing unfair and discriminatory barriers to civic participation.

It's only fitting that Mark Ritchie (MN-Secretary of State), should be the first candidate from MN to join the 2006 National DFA List as he was the first state-wide candidate endorsed by MN DFA activists. See the full list of DFA List Secretary of State Candidates here. (Update: DFA now has the direct link to the announcement)

Ritchie now joins Mayor RT Rybak, who was our 2005 National DFA List Candidate.

MN Bloggers and DFA Link members are also working hard to help earn another important National DFA List endorsement in MN for Congressional Candidate Tim Walz (MN-01). You can do your part by going to Tim Walz's DFA Link campaign page and adding your name and comments to his supporters list.


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