Wednesday, September 06, 2006

". . . . nothing more than a political attempt to cover the GOP's behind"

"And when the whole story is known, it’s clear that Kiffmeyer’s change in fee policy was nothing more than a political attempt to cover the GOP’s behind."

The quote above is what the Mesabi Daily News thought of Mary Kiffmeyer's announcement last week that she would cut the $20 fee that is charged to small businesses and nonprofits for expedited service. The catch? Kiffmeyer's annoucement came just hours after Mark Ritchie called on her to do so. You can read the full article at, or learn more on our website at

Yesterday Mark continued his fight to make voting easy and safe for all Minnesotans by holding a press conference to expose two important pieces of mis-information coming out of the Secretary of State's office. .

It's clear that Mark is doing great things at the Secretary of State's office, and he hasn't even been elected yet! We're going to get him there, but we need your help. Your contribution today of $25, $50, or $100 will help Mark focus his time on traveling the state and protecting Minnesota voters! Donate NOW by going to and clicking "Contribute." Remember that the state of Minnesota will refund up to $50 of your donation.


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