Friday, September 01, 2006

Keith Endorsed by American Jewish World!

Dear Friend,

Keith Ellison’s historic campaign for Congress gained the extremely valued and valuable endorsement today of the influential Twin Cities newspaper American Jewish World.

Keith said, “I am humbled, and just plain thrilled, by the confidence the American Jewish World has placed in my vision of a just future where there are no throw-away people and peace is our guiding principle. Indeed, this is a collective vision of tens of thousands of us in our uniquely progressive district, a vision we have built together out of our most deeply-held values.

“I am proud that the American Jewish World has honored us with their support and has joined our extraordinary coalition of progressive people of good will who represent all faiths, all colors, and all our neighborhoods.”

“This is how we will win – by creating a powerful force of real people unified behind a passion for justice.”

Below are excerpts from their endorsement:

“Regarding the 5th District DFL Primary, there are three fairly conventional candidates who would bring particular strengths to service in the U.S. House and would likely provide competent representation for their constituents. However, voters could make an emphatic statement – one that would gain national and international attention – by casting their ballots for Keith Ellison. The 43-year-old state representative would bring a singular passion and intelligence to the job of representing citizens of Minnesota Fifth District; in many ways, Ellison represents the progressive populist vision that Minnesota lost with the untimely passing of Paul Wellstone in 2002.”

“Ellison acted as the lawyer for the House DFL caucus in an ethics proceeding against former representative Arlon Lindner, who contended that gays were not victims of Nazi oppression in the Holocaust. Ellison understands the importance of guarding against Holocaust denial and revisionism, and links the lessons of the Shoah to more recent cases of genocide in Rwanda and Darfur. Further, he supports the State of Israel and the continuation of U.S. aid to Israel. He holds to the mainstream position of a negotiated two-state solution regarding the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

“We all know that nobody is perfect and no political candidate is without shortcomings. We are now in Elul, the last month of the Hebrew year and the month preceding Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur…During this period of heightened spirituality, we find ourselves considering the choices before us as citizens of a free nation. We cannot take our civil liberties for granted, especially in the face of well-reported government actions to curb our constitutional rights and consolidate political power. In the trying times ahead, we will need courageous political leadership and we must hold our elected representatives accountable.”

“We think that Keith Ellison has the attributes to be a dynamic and effective representative in Congress. In Ellison, we have a moderate Muslim who extends his hand in friendship to the Jewish community and supports the security of the State of Israel. He is a person with a vision of a more humane and equitable society and he is the candidate we favor in the Fifth District DFL election.’

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of idiots - or worse yet, Judenrats are you? Hakim is a Farrakhanist thug.

Would you support him if he were white and a follower of David Duke posing as a supporter of Israel? Sounds like you might.

This guy is nothing more than a plantation slave of the Islamonazis. And you're going along for the ride.

But of course, this is the party that could have nailed Bin Laden a dozen times over before 9/11 except its President was too busy playing with a JAP wannabe bimbo or sending B-52s to bomb Belgrade instead of terror camps in Afghanistan. When we finally had Bin Laden in our gunsights, Pervert Bill, his pet pig, the self-loathing Maddie, and Sandy Burglar all said we can't do it because Yasser would have gotten upset.

That's your party, folks. The party also that drove Lieberman out in favor of a Neo-Fascist WASP coward.

So now you've got the Farrakhanist Black Nazi. Care to start sieg heiling? Maybe Grand Kleagle Byrdie will help you.

9/19/2006 10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in the twin cities. Let me assure you that American Jewish World has no influence in the Jewish community. I know of very few people who subscribe to or read it and I am involved.

The Jewish community hear is though quite liberal. While the endorsement may not get him any additional Jewish votes it may influence some non-Jewish voters who do not know that the American Jewish World is not what Ellison calls the highly influential newspaper. They may just say incorrectly if it is good for the Jews why should I object?

10/26/2006 10:48 AM  

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