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Endorsements from the Heart

Today we have three more passionate endorsements of Keith that we want to bring to your attention (well, really more than three, but read on). We find these endorsements particularly powerful because they clearly come from the heart as well as the mind. Each in its own way encapsulates the reason we believe so strongly in Keith and are fiercely committed to making history through our campaign.

1) The first is not a single endorsement, but rather an impressive group of endorsements from elected officials across our district. Look through this list of some of the most accomplished and dynamic public servants anywhere and we bet you’ll find at least one of your personal favorites:

State Rep. Paul Thiessen (63A)

State Sen. Scott Dibble (60), State Rep. Frank Hornstein (60B), Minneapolis City Councilmembers Ralph Remington (Ward 10) and Betsy Hodges (Ward 13)

State Rep. Jean Wagenius (62B)

State Rep. Jim Davnie (62A)

State Sen. Linda Berglin (61)

Minneapolis City Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden (Ward 8)

Minneapolis City Councilmember Betsy Hodges (Ward 13)

Now this is a diverse group, to be sure; but they agree on the essentials that matter most to CD5 when making the once-in-a-generation choice of a new member of Congress. Some brief selections:

“He has devoted his career to serving the public interest, fighting for social justice and working with coalitions to address the issues we face today.” (Elizabeth Glidden)

Keith has gotten “good ideas passed into laws that will help real people. The DFL has been in the minority for Keith’s and my entire time in the House. But he has not allowed that to be an excuse.” (Paul Thiessen)

“He was the first candidate in the race to oppose the war, and has done so with passion and vigor that is needed now, more than ever, in Washington.” (Scott Dibble, Frank Hornstein, Ralph Remington, Betsy Hodges)

“He digs down into the real life experiences of his constituents and finds inventive legislative responses…I trust no one more in this race to stand up against the dangerous excesses of the Bush Administration.” (Jim Davnie)

“Those of us who were serving in the House when Keith was first elected knew from the beginning that he was a different kind of politician…Keith is not a ‘go-along-get-along’ politician and never will be.” (Jean Wagenius)

2) Joel Jensen is not an elected official, but he is the DFL Party Chair in Senate District 44 (St. Louis Park, Hopkins and Golden Valley), one of the most politically aware and engaged districts in the whole state. His very thoughtful endorsement of Keith ( is all the more powerful as he admits up front that he and others have had reservations. Some excerpts:

“Based on his whole life history and certainly his history as a legislator and community activist, this is what I know - Keith Ellison will not sell out his fellow citizens, he will pay attention to what really matters and he will not lie down for the powerful corporate interests that exert a growing and malignant influence on our government. Nothing I have seen, read, or heard would indicate otherwise.

“Keith will speak truth to power, but beyond that he will speak with principle to power. When Keith says that “there are no throwaway people” and that “everybody counts”, I believe that is exactly what he believes and that these words reflect precisely the principles he will fight for in Congress. That is pretty rare.”

3) Finally, some of you may read a lot of political blogs, and others of you may not read any. We’ve found quite a few really great ones, so many that we could never link to them all. Even so, one post we read today really stood out for us, so much so that we really wanted you to know about it (“Why Ellison?” on

We admit this isn’t an endorsement in the traditional sense, but there’s no denying it’s a powerful exhortation to the voters of CD5 to trust their collective gut and go with the candidate who touches their most passionate beliefs about how the world should be. All we really have to say about it is, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Quick teasers:

“I want Keith Ellison in Congress, a Black, Catholic-raised Minneapolis Muslim fireball who knows street kids and criminals as well as Sam Kaplan and Walter Mondale.”

“I want Keith Ellison's heart in the room. There will be plenty of other people who know how to cut the deal.”

“I look at Keith Ellison, and I see a man focused on being a servant.”


Blogger eb said...

Representative Phyllis Kahn

Dear Friends,

I am writing to urge you to vote for Keith Ellison, the DFL endorsed candidate for Congress, on Tuesday, September 12. The winner of this important election will probably be our congressman for the next twenty years or more.

Keith is the most progressive leader of all the candidates, with strong grassroots support. I have worked with him as a colleague in the Minnesota House and have been amazed at his ability to get things done, even with Republican control of that body. People listen to Keith, even with those who may be on the other side of an issue, largely because of his ability to connect and communicate with people.

One of his accomplishments was the passage of legislation that gives a property tax incentive for home owners to clean up lead contamination in their homes. Recognizing the problem of unequal environmental protection for poor and minority communities, he founded EJAM, Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota, convening the most amazing coalition of established environmental groups and Northside community activists.

Keith was one of the first public officials to speak out against the war in Iraq and to call for more state and local government aid for the war on crime in our city.

When Representative Arlon Lindner made anti-Semitic remarks on the House floor, Keith led the fight to censure him. He has stood up for the rights of women and the GLBT community, even when those positions were opposed by religious leaders in his own community.

If your major concerns are health care, peace in the Middle East, cost and quality of education, civil rights for all or just making sure that everyone has a voice in the political process, Keith Ellison should be your choice for Congress.

He has stood out in the Minnesota House; if we send him to Congress he will stand out in our nation’s capitol.

Keith needs your vote on September 12. Even better: call the Ellison campaign today at 612-522-4416 to volunteer.


Phyllis Kahn, State Representative 59B

PS: Check out the Ellison web site at

9/11/2006 5:11 PM  

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