Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ellison Daily, Part 2 - The Real Truth About Our Man Keith - It's Finally Getting Out There!

Our dynamic, historic campaign is on the final roll before the election next Tuesday, September 12, and the media are beginning to give our grassroots campaign the attention we deserve ! On Tuesday the Star-Tribune published a solid article about Keith’s momentum, as well as a Letter to the Editor from Keith, and in Thursday's paper they highlighted a very strong Letter to the Editor on Keith's behalf. (And you know, even though our favorite "Running Man" is no longer on the cover, we can't get enough of last week's City Pages article - . Read it again and pass it on!)

Then after you've read our press and feel our passion and momentum, there are two important things left for you to do:

1) VOLUNTEER ON ELECTION DAY or anytime before! Not sure where you fit or what you can do or what you want to do? Call Trayshana at 612-722-5233 or email her at trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg - she'll hook you up!

2) VOTE FOR KEITH on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12! Not sure about your polling place? Call the campaign at 612-522-4416 or search at (Mary Kiffmeyer notwithstanding).

** Tuesday's Star-Tribune article about Keith by Rochelle Olson -
Our favorite part of the story talks about Keith’s background, his family’s passion for justice and how he translated his life experience into public service.

“His affinity for the underdog came from an upbringing steeped in civil rights, human rights and racial equality. He was often told by his mother about how his maternal grandfather -- who died before he was born -- organized black voters in rural Louisiana more than 50 years ago. His father was a United Auto Workers member who paid his own way through medical school by working on the assembly line. ‘We never had the lights turned off. We always had food in the house, but service was important. Justice was important,’ Ellison said.

“He grew up Catholic, but converted to Islam while studying economics at Wayne State University. He was drawn to the law, especially litigation and defense, out of a desire to see that ‘vulnerable people, poor people, politically unpopular people have a fair shake.’

“About 10 years ago, he complained to his wife about a lack of progress on an issue at the Legislature and she surprised him, he said, by challenging him to do something about it. ‘It's easier to shake a tree than to gather up all the berries and make jam,’ Ellison said.”

**In Tuesday's Strib letter to the editor Keith wrote about Donald Rumsfeld’s despicable comments comparing opponents of the disastrous Iraq war to Nazi “appeasers.”

Cut from the letter before publication was the fact that Keith takes comparisons to the Holocaust personally: he has visited Nazi concentration camps in Europe, and was one of the leaders in the Minnesota House in bringing a censure motion against former Rep. Arlon Lindner, who made homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks in public, denying that gays, lesbians and others were victims of the Holocaust. (You can read Keith's fuller statement about Indefensible Secretary Rumsfeld at .)

Voters of the 5th CD know that it’s not enough to for candidates just to call for Rumsfeld’s resignation, and to do so only since they entered the race. Rumsfeld’s resignation alone will do nothing to get us out of Iraq, end torture, or make our troops and Iraqis safe. And we know that we cannot send any more Democrats to Washington who stick their fingers in the wind before they take a stand.

Instead, we know that the 5th CD deserves a candidate who has always spoken out against the war, since before it began and before it was trendy to do so. We know we deserve a candidate who will respect and protect our right to speak out when the government is wrong, as so many of us have done in relation to this war, and has a strong record of doing so. And that's Keith Ellison.

** Thursday's LTE about our campaign's grassroots momentum -

The author makes the great point that 1) our candidate is the only one who will fight for real people in Washington, and 2) opposing campaigns know that at this point, their only chance of stopping our positive, passion-driven, volunteer-fueled effort is by flinging mud.
But hey - we're not afraid of a little dirt, and next Tuesday it will all be washed away by the water of hope and truth!


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