Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stand with Steve, Stand up for MN

Kelley Introduces Bold Agenda
Health Care: A Prescription for Justice
Privacy and Identity Theft
Championing Public Safety
Stand with Steve, Stand Up for MN

Dear Kelley Supporter,

Steve Kelley is committed to continuing and strengthening the Attorney General's legacy of standing up for Minnesota. This week, Steve will begin rolling out an ambitious, innovative agenda for the attorney general's office.

You can help Steve advocate for Minnesota by volunteering for even one hour to do a phone bank or help us at the State Fair. There is more information about volunteering later in this message. Please email volunteer@kelleyforag.org to volunteer.

Health Care: A Prescription for Justice

Steve Kelley has a track record of protecting patients. He authored the groundbreaking Adverse Health Events Reporting Law that requires hospitals to keep track of medical errors. He also served as a consumer advocate on the Minnesota Medical Board of Malpractice.

As Attorney General, Steve will:
-challenge pharmaceutical companies and the pharmacy benefit managers that inflate prices, restrict access, or reduce competition. State government must leverage its purchasing power to extract better drug prices for all Minnesotans.
-investigate and aggressively prosecute health insurance fraud.
-continue health care industry oversight to ensure that dollars are spent at the bedside, not in the executive suite.

Protecting Privacy and Stopping Identity Theft

Minnesota was one of the first states in the nation to pass Internet privacy legislation, thanks to Steve Kelley. He safeguarded consumers' personal information from telecommunications companies and authored legislation to prevent Internet "phishing" for private data. Steve is nationally recognized as a leader on privacy and identity theft issues.

As Attorney General, Steve will:
-guard individuals’ rights to protect and control private information.
-assist county attorneys in aggressively pursuing and prosecuting identity theft.

Champion of Public Safety

Gangs and the spread of methamphetamines are serious concerns in many of our communities. Steve Kelley’s 27 years of legal experience in both trial and appellate courts give him the strong background to defend our communities against crime.

As Attorney General, Steve Kelley will:
-make public safety a priority.
-work with county attorneys to effectively respond to increased violent crime in urban areas and smaller communities.
-partner with local law enforcement to fight the scourge of methamphetamine abuse, particularly in Greater Minnesota.

Steve Kelley will stand up for consumers, patients, kids, and seniors. He will fight for all of us. Watch in the coming weeks for more information about Steve's agenda.

Want to stand with Steve as he stands up for Minnesota?

Join us at the Minnesota State Fair! You can volunteer to work a shift at the State Fair by emailing volunteer@kelleyforag.org.

Just one hour is all it takes to help Steve! We have phone banks Sundays through Thursdays in Wayzata, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. Our phone banks last from 6-9PM and you are welcome to come for all or part of the time. To sign up, email volunteer@kelleyforag.org or call Kathy Okins at 612-968-5436.

More volunteer information is available at www.kelleyforattorneygeneral.org/volunteer.html.

Don't have time to volunteer but still want to stand with Steve? Make a contribution online at www.kelleyforattorneygeneral.org/contribute.html.

Thank you,
The Kelley Team

Kelley for Attorney General
PO Box 27904
Minneapolis, MN 55427 763-544-8691


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