Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Ritchie Reader - August 29

Mark Ritchie Releases His “Commitment to Minnesota Voters”
Mark released “Commitment to Minnesota Voters” last week. With so much emphasis being placed on Mary Kiffmeyer’s partisan activities in the Office, Mark felt it was important for him to explain to Minnesota's voters how he will run the Office of Secretary of State. According to Mark's press release, “My ‘Commitment to Minnesota Voters’ is a first step towards restoring trust and nonpartisanship in the Office of the Secretary of State.”

See You at the Fair
Wear your t-shirt and buttons to the Fair and stop by the DFL booth by the East Entrance to say hello to Mark and our volunteer team. Mark will be around the Fairgrounds on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

We now have a schedule of Mark’s events on the front page of our website (, so check it out to see where Mark is going to be.

National Coverage
Our race is becoming a national phenomenon. Check out the front-page story that was printed in USA Today on August 18 at

As explained in this article, several groups are focusing on Secretary of State races across the nation, including our race. One of these groups is the “Secretary of State Project,” which has a fabulous website at This group was started in order “to restore integrity to the democratic process, by making sure that those who end up in the office of the Secretary of State… are people who will use the office to defend democracy, not use it for partisan advantage.”

Also, take a look at Heartland PAC, a group founded by Iowa’s Governor Tom Vilsack. Their website is at

We are going to have several exciting fundraisers soon! They will be in St. Paul on September 14 and 21 and Minneapolis on September 20. Everyone is invited, so please come!

Help us pay for our TV ads and mail this fall by going to our website and clicking on “Contribute” to donate. Remember that the State of Minnesota will reimburse your first contribution of the year of $50 per individual or $100 per couple, so you can donate $50 for free!

We Need Your Body and Your Mind
Election day is quickly approaching and we need your help! If you can volunteer one hour, one day, one week or one month, let us know by contacting Mary B. at or 612-414-6899. We have a variety of volunteer tasks, and we will work with you to find what you are best suited for.


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