Friday, August 25, 2006

Now Is the Time to Make History!

Dear Friend,

Let’s make history! Take September 12 off to work for Keith!

For the last 6 months we have been running a campaign to make peace the guiding principle of the United States. We have been talking about renewable energy, building a sustainable future, single-payer health care, and fully funding public education. We have talked to voters on the phones and at their doors about the exciting opportunity to send a proven Progressive to Washington. Along the road we have had many successes—the DFL endorsement, almost all the labor union endorsements, and most recently the endorsement of TakeAction Minnesota—but it all comes down to September 12.

All of the phone calls, doorknocks, parades, events, fundraisers, and handshakes have boiled down to 18 days. In the next 18 days the congressperson from the 5th Congressional District will be decided, and as the only grassroots-volunteer-driven campaign we need your help!

Your commitment to take Primary Day (September 12) off to get out the vote is crucial to electing Keith to Congress. We also need phoners and doorknockers in the weeks leading up to the general election.

Now more than ever we need to affirm the Progressive values of the 5th Congressional District and send a proven Progressive leader who will stand up and speak with a clear voice on the issues and challenge the Bush administration at every turn.

Now is the time to make history and we need your help!

Help Keith by taking Primary Day off, and commit to phoning and doorknocking on Primary Day and in the weeks leading up to the general election. To sign up, contact Trayshana Thomas at trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg or 612.722.5233.

On September 12, let’s make history.

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress


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