Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nominate Tim Walz (MN-01) for Netroots Endorsement!

DFA-Link Members have a great chance to help Tim Walz get the Netroots Endorsement via Kos MyDD's ActBlue Page, & the Swing State Project. Local Bloggers have been plugging Tim Walz on Act Blue already. Local Bloggers have even nominated Tim Walz for Netroots support on a special Kos diary. Click on any of these links to show your support today for Tim Walz!

Both the NE Minneapolis Democracy for America Group and the Rochester based DFA Link Group known as Smart Growth have endorsed Tim Walz for Congress. These groups encourage DFA Link members to show your support by signing on to Tim Walz's DFA Link Campaign Site. With all of this net buzz about Tim Walz, can an endorsement from the National Democracy for America Group be far behind?


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