Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Luger Campaign Update

Dear Friend,

The Luger campaign had another great weekend, connecting with voters and increasing Andy's visibility. We knocked on over 100 doors and put up another 134 lawn signs. Didn’t get a lawn sign? Email and we’ll deliver one to you!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are door knocking every Sunday afternoon out of the Luger Campaign Headquarters (1200 Mainstreet, Hopkins) at 12:45 pm. To join us, and help spread Andy's message of innovative solutions to today's crime problems, email

Door knocking isn't your thing? We're also making phone calls. Email to find a location near you!

The Great Minnesota Get Together!

The State Fair starts this Thursday! You can help the Luger campaign by volunteering a few hours of your time at the DFL Booth at the State Fair. If you can volunteer 3 hours, we’ll pay for your admission into the Fair. For more information, or to sign up to volunteer, call or email us at 952-938-2999 or

Andy on Almanac

Andy appeared on TPT's Almanac. If you missed it, visit to watch Andy talk about his fresh new plans to tackle the issues facing Hennepin County.

Andy’s Plans as County Attorney

Andy is committed to tackling the growing gang problem in Hennepin County through a number of innovative and creative approaches. To read more about Andy’s issues and initiatives, visit

To join the excitement and energy of the Luger Campaign, email or call (952) 938-2999 to find out how you can get involved.

Prepared and paid for by Luger for Hennepin County Attorney


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are a number of CONCERNS I have with regard to this campaign. FIRST, let me say that I like what I've learned about LUGER.
I DISLIKE and DO NOT TRUST Mike Freeman...for the following reasons:

1) His IMAGE of being a family man is tarnished by the fact that he is on his THIRD marriage, yet he uses the pictures of his "loving" second wife/children for his campaign literature giving a totally erroneous impression of the man.
2) Should anyone have the ability to investigate...I think you'll learn that Mr. Mike Freeman was caught, let's say "engaged" physically, to a paralegal, in the County Offices in the Government Center (during his first term)..No wonder he had to move onto another marriage.
3) Mike Freeman is the kind of man that will ask another to PERJUR himself, IF the lie will aid Mike Freeman. I was me that he asked to sign a document which would have been a total lie on my part. And Mike knew it....but he asked one of his "Associate" henchman to "go get 'em"....and try to get my signature. I told both of them, in no uncertain terms, that I wasn't into gameplaying, and (cleaned up version)...what they could do with their affadavit.

10/01/2006 9:44 PM  

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