Friday, August 25, 2006

A Letter from R.T. Rybak and Chris Coleman

Steve Kelley for Attorney General

Dear Friend,

We are writing to ask you to support Steve Kelley for Attorney General. Steve Kelley has what it takes to be a true champion for safer communities.

The attorney general is the chief law officer of the state. It is a post that requires legal and political expertise. We must not take this election for granted.

Steve has the depth and breadth of both legal and political experience needed to be attorney general. He has been a lawyer for 27 years. He has trial and appellate experience in state and federal courts, including the Minnesota State Supreme Court.

Steve has also been a legislator for 14 years. His foresight led to a Twin Cities region-wide radio system, allowing emergency responders to communicate with each other during a crisis, two years before September 11 would remind us how important this type of communication can be.

Steve deserves his reputation for putting the pieces together to get things done. We know Steve will work with us and our communities to crack down on identity theft, meth rings, gangs, and violence. He will be an advocate for the resources we need to fight crime.

Steve Kelley will be our next great attorney general. He will stand up for those without power, against those who misuse power. He will be a leader—a true public servant driven to unite Minnesotans to work for safer communities for all of us.

Please join us in supporting Steve Kelley for Attorney General on September 12.


Chris Coleman R.T. Rybak
Mayor of Saint Paul Mayor of Minneapolis


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