Monday, August 28, 2006

Kelley Update: News & Events

Steve Kelley for Attorney General

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Kelley at the State Fair
Great Northern Minnesota Tour
In the News


Steve Kelley at the State Fair

Come chat with Steve Kelley about his race for Attorney General. Find out why he’s the best candidate to be your Advocate-in-Chief!

Monday, August 28
DFL Booth, Dan Patch Ave. and Cooper St.
Kids for Kelley Day!

Tuesday, August 29
Air America Debate with DFL Attorney General candidates
Corner of Judson and Liggett

6:15 pm
Speech by Steve Kelley
DFL Booth, Dan Patch Ave. and Cooper St.

Wednesday, August 30
DFL Booth, Dan Patch Ave. and Cooper St.

Great Northern Minnesota Tour
Friday, September 1 –
Moorhead-Greater Moorhead Days Parade

Saturday, September 2 –
Traditional Labor Day Weekend Pow-wow, Red Lake Indian Reservation
Labor Day Weekend Pow-wow, Leech Lake Indian Reservation

Sunday, September 3 –
Iron Range Labor Assembly Labor Day Picnic, Virginia

Monday, September 4 –
Labor Day Parade, Cloquet

In the News
"We’re taking seriously the challenge of continuing the campaign everywhere in the state," Kelley said. "I’ll be getting to northern Minnesota during the Labor Day weekend in advance of the primary."

He spoke to DFL supporters locally Monday night via telephone during Senate 4 candidate Mary Olson’s fund-raiser.

"I think continuing the work that Mike [Hatch] has done in holding health care companies accountable is important," Kelley said.

"One of the twists I’d add is that now is a very good time to be concentrating on pharmaceutical companies and their marketing practices," he said. He’s worried about agreements between companies that have the effect of extending the life of patents in support of drug company profits.

"It’s important to get those costs down...especially the cost of prescription drugs to seniors," he said.

~ Bemidji Pioneer, Kelley sets his sights on race for attorney general, 08/23/2006

You can help ensure that Steve Kelley is our next great Attorney General.

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Steve Kelley will stand up for those who feel powerless against those who misuse power. Please help him bring this vision to the Attorney General’s office and continue building momentum by volunteering or contributing today!


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