Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Going Up!

Dear Friends,

It is time to go up! That’s right – after 19 long months on the campaign trail, it is time to raise our public profile to the next level by putting up lawn signs and radio ads.

Today we have a crucial deadline – as the election approaches we have to file our finance reports twice as often. We need to do more than put up a bunch of lawn signs; we need to continue to put up fundraising numbers that show America our race is one of the most competitive races in the country.

Help us put Tim Walz up on the radio – visit and make a donation.

Eleven weeks from now, time will be up for the Republican Congress. With your help an entirely new Congress will take over in January – a Congress is up to tackling our toughest problems, that will hold George W. Bush accountable for the mess in Iraq, that will return control of our schools to local communities, and that will tackle the health care crisis in America.

Are you up to doing the hard work of democracy? Tell Tim you’re up for the challenge! Visit

Tim needs your help today – please give generously and ask your friends to do the same.

Sincerely,Kerry GreeleyCampaign Manager

P.S. Visit to donate, or send your check to Tim Walz for US Congress, PO Box 938, Mankato MN 56002. Our next financial report counts only checks dated before midnight tonight. Please put yours in the mail today!

P.P.S. Tim will be at the State Fair DFL booth on Thursday, August 24, and Friday, August 25. If you’re at the Fair, please stop by!

Prepared and paid for by Tim Walz for U.S. Congress.


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