Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ellison Extra


There are a LOT of ways you can help choose our progressive future, and this edition of the Ellison Extra will tell you about them all. For starters:

Five Degrees of Separation
In the next three weeks, reach out to five people – your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends, your family – who live in our district. Persuade them that Keith’s vision and passion are the right fit and the best choice for CD5 and our future together, and commit them to voting for Keith in the election on Tuesday, September 12. It’s simple: Reach out, persuade, commit. Your 5 for CD5 will make the difference.

22 Days from a Date with Destiny
Twenty-three days left before Tuesday, September 12, the day the voters of CD5 will have the once-in-a-generation chance to pick our next member of Congress, the person who will lead our bold, progressive district into our future together. This means that we have three weeks to make sure every voter in CD5 hears Keith Ellison’s powerful, progressive message and knows Keith’s unparalleled, proven record of winning victories in the Legislature and in every community in CD5.

Voters in CD5 get Keith’s vision that every human being counts, that no one can be thrown away in an unjust war he has opposed from the start, in a bungled health care system that denies access to millions, and in an unfair economy that works worse and worse for more and more of us. Keith is running for peace through immediate withdrawal, universal health care through a single-payer plan, and economic justice through supporting working families and giving the poor a hand up out of poverty. With your help in the next three weeks, we will make this vision a reality.

Don’t Need a Lieberman Democrat
What the Democrats of CD5 do not need is anemic bipartisanship with a record only of getting the wrong things done. With the Middle East in chaos, the middle class bystanders to economic gains, and the working poor’s overdue minimum wage increase hijacked by a Republican Congress obsessed with yet another tax giveaway to the rich, the day of reasonable, centrist politics for most Democrats is over.
We don’t need a Lieberman Democrat who:
· won’t speak out against the disastrous war;
· won’t push back on the Bush/Cheney abuses of power;
· won’t call out the powerful interests who stack the economy against working people; and
· won’t stand firmly against handing Social Security over to Wall Street.

On Tuesday, September 12, our choice for our future is clear. Our future can be timid, the future of a Lieberman Democrat who will compromise our values on every important issue; or our future can be bold, the 21st-century future of peace and justice envisioned by Keith Ellison, a proven, progressive fighter. Check out City Pages’ “Reichgott Junge’s clumsy dance away from Lieberman”
http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2006/08/reichgott_junge.asp or
“Ember Reichgott Junge: When does a compromiser become compromised?
Junge at Heart”

Commit to Keith! Volunteer Today
There are only 23 days left in the campaign! Do your part to send a proven progressive to the U.S. Congress. We’ll win this election with a massive grassroots effort. Help us reach over 100,000 voters by Tuesday, September 12, Primary Election Day. Here’s what you can do:
1. Call for Keith! Volunteer twice a week to call constituents and persuade undecided voters. We’re calling each evening and on the weekends.
To sign up, please contact our Phone Bank Coordinator, Allison Sharkey, at (612) 729-0765 or allison3333@hotmail.com
2. Door knock for Keith! Be a part of our door-to-door voter contact effort. We are out in the neighborhoods seven days a week.
To sign up, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Trayshana Thomas, at (612) 722-5233 or trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg
3. Take Election Day off and help with our Get Out Our Vote efforts! Join a cast of hundreds the night before the election and all day on Sept. 12!
To sign up, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Trayshana Thomas, at (612) 722-5233 or trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg

If you’re a member of Take Action Minnesota, then remember to take action on Tuesday and show up for Take Action’s endorsement meeting and raise your hand for Keith Ellison, the only proven progressive candidate who has worked at the grassroots community level in this election and the only candidate who embodies the values that have defined Take Action Minnesota.

Check Out Our Newly Updated Website
Go to www.keithellison.org and click around our newly-designed site where you’ll find: news updates on the campaign, ways to volunteer, Keith’s stands on the issues, events where you can meet Keith, fundraisers you can attend to help support Ellison for Congress, and more.

Endorsements Continue to Accumulate
Latino Communications Network (LCN) endorses Keith!
Excerpts from the Latino Communications Network endorsement of Keith Ellison:

“First, our endorsement for Congress in the 5th congressional district. This is a very important primary election.... Our endorsed candidate is Keith Ellison. The main reason we endorsed Ellison is because he has been there for the Latino community over and over again. He was there marching with us in April and against the Minutemen when they came into town. He was with us by actively supporting the passage of the DREAM Act here in Minnesota. He was one of only 25 Representatives to oppose HF0001 that required immigration status be shown on drivers’ licenses. In the most recent session he opposed Rep. Knoblach’s bill to preempt the right of Minnesota municipalities to enact separation ordinances that prevent local law enforcement from becoming involved outside their jurisdiction, specifically acting as immigration agents.
“He spoke out against Governor Pawlenty’s statements attributing increased crime rates to immigration. We endorse him because he has been with us and he will continue to be with us. He lobbied very hard for our endorsement and showed the most interest in it…”
The endorsement in full is posted on both the Gente de Minnesota and La Prensa de Minnesota websites (posted 8-18-06). Both of these are weekly newspapers. Latino Communications Network also includes Vida y Sabor, another weekly, La Invasora 1400 AM radio (which played a significant role in mobilizing Latinos to participate in the 40,000 person April Immigrant Rights March), and email lists.
Gente en Español: http://www.gentedeminnesota.com/editorial_det.php?nid=21
Gente en Inglés:
La Prensa en Español:
La Prensa en Inglés:

5th District Candidates Debate on MPR at the Fair
Issues on a stick (or at least that easily grasped, we hope) will be on display as Keith and his challengers in the 5th District debate them on Gary Eichten’s 11:00 a.m. Midday Show on the corner of Judson and Nelson at the State Fair Grounds. Bring your questions (and lunch on a stick, of course) to the MPR site and show your support for Keith.
Map: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/events/2006/08/statefair/images/statefair_map.pdf
Coming To A Senior High Rise Near You
In addition to meeting for our usual Wednesday 10:00–11:00 a.m. meeting at Café Tatta Bunna, 2100 Plymouth Ave. N., Minneapolis, we’ll be moving the meeting to various senior high rises in the coming weeks. So please check with Jennie Downey or Patrick, 612-529-3551, to find out where the Ellison Senior Link is meeting each Wednesday. It may just be a short elevator ride away for you this week. With just four weeks to go before the September 12 primary, we need your support now more than ever.

Grassroots-Based Alternative Fuel
What do we need? Financial Support! When do we need it? Now!
Here are some great ways to support Ellison for Congress, meet like-minded folks, and enjoy a fun evening out:

Push for Peace - join Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Representative from Ohio, in support of Keith Ellison, 5th District DFL candidate for the U.S. House. Musicians Ellis and Larry Long. Silent auction featuring the work of Tawu artist group. Master of Ceremonies Phil Steger. Thursday, August 31. Doors open 7pm, concert 8pm. Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis. Tickets $35. Pre-concert reception tickets $100.
Click here for tickets or order by phone at 612-522-4416.

Party to raise money and raise votes - Spot Art Gallery, 1828 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis 612.296.3689 http://www.spotart.org – August 25, 7pm to late http://keithellison.org/events/spotart.htm

August 31 - Fundraiser at the Midtown Global Exchange – Rooftop Garden Party Room – August 31, 5-7pm.
We are proud of this grassroots campaign. Your contribution is needed. Even a dollar a day from now until the primary will help ensure we get the kind of Representative we deserve – but we need to act now.

All Aboooooard!!!!!
Help get this train into the station September 12 and send Keith to Congress by becoming a progressive donor. Contribute $250, $100, $50, or whatever you can afford to Ellison for Congress by visiting http://www.keithellison.org/donate.htm. With your help we can elect congressional leadership for the 5th District that works for peace, universal healthcare, a cleaner environment, and great public schools. Pulling together, we can send Keith to Washington to represent your interests, and those of others in our district and our state. Our power is our numbers. Be counted.
Thank you very much for your support!


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