Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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City Pages Article on Keith Rocks the House!

Be sure to check out the excellent cover story about Keith in this week’s City Pages! “Running Man” by Britt Robson ( fairly and fully airs Keith’s bold vision of an America where no one is left behind and where peace is our guiding principle.

The article puts in perspective all the past personal attacks on Keith, and returns the focus to issues of substance: Keith’s proven record of finding solutions for the burning issues that really affect people’s lives. (And when you’re done reading the article, forward it to all your friends!)

The article makes clear that Keith knows this election isn’t all about him or his career. Instead, Keith is running because he knows his progressive vision and values are the best fit for our truly progressive, forward-looking district. From peace to economic justice to single-payer health care to the best record on civil and human rights, Keith represents the best tradition of Minnesota politics leading the country, and the best future of a progressive, fair and just Minnesota that will once again lead America in the 21st century.

So because Keith’s campaign is about all of us, all of us need to help!


1) Tuesday, September 12 – TAKE ELECTION DAY OFF!
We will need all hands on deck for Election Day, Tuesday, September 12. Please plan to take the whole day off, or as much of it as you possibly can, to contact our voters and make sure they vote!

2) Saturday, September 9, and Sunday, September 10 – GET OUT THE VOTE!
We will be doorknocking, lit-dropping, and calling throughout the entire district. Bring your family and friends, and join loads of other folks like you who believe passionately in a truly fair, equal, and just country. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

3) Every day – contacting fellow progressive voters
Every single day between now and Election Day, we are calling and doorknocking voters to share our passion about Keith and his bold, unapologetic message. You can do this at just about any time of day, and we’ll make it easy for you.

For all volunteer activities, call volunteer coordinator Trayshana at the Keith Ellison campaign at 612-722-5233, or email her at trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg or
Let’s spread the word and do this thing!

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress


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