Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kelley Has What It Takes

Dear Friend,

We are writing in strong support of Steve Kelley for Attorney General.

We must not take this election for granted. The attorney general holds the top legal post in the state. It is a post that requires both legal and political expertise. It is important that we choose the right person for the job—the right person to stand up for the people of Minnesota.

Steve has the depth and breadth of both legal and policy experience needed to be Attorney General. He has been a lawyer for 27 years. He has valuable experience in state and federal courts, including the Minnesota State Supreme Court. Steve has also been a legislator for 14 years. He has deep policy knowledge of the issues he’ll focus on in the attorney general’s office: health care, privacy, education, and public safety.

Steve will be a champion for affordable prescription drugs by targeting anticompetitive business practices and improper marketing activities. He will hold accountable health care and drug companies that exploit patent laws to keep profit margins wide, including the companies that conspire to keep generics off the market.

Steve is a man of the highest integrity. He will continue the office’s tradition of vigorously defending the rights of Minnesotans. He will be a strong advocate for consumers, children, seniors, and patients.

Steve has what it takes to be our next great Attorney General. He will stand up for those without power, against those who misuse power. He will be a leader—a true public servant driven to unite Minnesotans to work for a better future for all of us.

Please join us in supporting Steve Kelley for Attorney General on September 12.


Vice President Walter Mondale
Former Minnesota Attorney General

Warren Spannaus
Former Minnesota Attorney General

Have a Wilde Time!

Pre-Primary-Fundraiser for Wendy Wilde at Lee's Liquor Lounge.

What better way to top off your Thursday evening than with music and dancing?

Details: *Thursday, Aug 31* at Lee's Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis.
8:30PM - social hour with Wendy
9PM - Three Sheets to the Wind
10:30PM - The New Icons

Please drop by Wendy's table and donate to her campaign.

Directions: Lee's is not far from the Farmer's Market, just east of 94 on Glenwood and Royalston. From Hwy 100 just take Glenwood east to Lee's.,+minneapolis,+MN&ie=UTF8&om=1
Lee's website:

Wendy Wilde day at the DFL booth.

Stop by and say hi! Pick up your new ELECT MOM pin, sign up for a bumper sticker and lawn sign, and cheer Wendy on when she is the keynote speaker at 6pm!

When: Labor Day, Monday September 4
Where: DFL Booth at the Minnesota State Fair
Time: 9am - 6pm (with a few breaks between)

Paid for by Wendy Wilde For Congress, Bruce Brillhart, Treasurer6950 France Avenue South Suite 108, Edina, Minnesota 55435

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ellison Daily

City Pages Article on Keith Rocks the House!

Be sure to check out the excellent cover story about Keith in this week’s City Pages! “Running Man” by Britt Robson ( fairly and fully airs Keith’s bold vision of an America where no one is left behind and where peace is our guiding principle.

The article puts in perspective all the past personal attacks on Keith, and returns the focus to issues of substance: Keith’s proven record of finding solutions for the burning issues that really affect people’s lives. (And when you’re done reading the article, forward it to all your friends!)

The article makes clear that Keith knows this election isn’t all about him or his career. Instead, Keith is running because he knows his progressive vision and values are the best fit for our truly progressive, forward-looking district. From peace to economic justice to single-payer health care to the best record on civil and human rights, Keith represents the best tradition of Minnesota politics leading the country, and the best future of a progressive, fair and just Minnesota that will once again lead America in the 21st century.

So because Keith’s campaign is about all of us, all of us need to help!


1) Tuesday, September 12 – TAKE ELECTION DAY OFF!
We will need all hands on deck for Election Day, Tuesday, September 12. Please plan to take the whole day off, or as much of it as you possibly can, to contact our voters and make sure they vote!

2) Saturday, September 9, and Sunday, September 10 – GET OUT THE VOTE!
We will be doorknocking, lit-dropping, and calling throughout the entire district. Bring your family and friends, and join loads of other folks like you who believe passionately in a truly fair, equal, and just country. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

3) Every day – contacting fellow progressive voters
Every single day between now and Election Day, we are calling and doorknocking voters to share our passion about Keith and his bold, unapologetic message. You can do this at just about any time of day, and we’ll make it easy for you.

For all volunteer activities, call volunteer coordinator Trayshana at the Keith Ellison campaign at 612-722-5233, or email her at trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg or
Let’s spread the word and do this thing!

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress

The Ritchie Reader - August 29

Mark Ritchie Releases His “Commitment to Minnesota Voters”
Mark released “Commitment to Minnesota Voters” last week. With so much emphasis being placed on Mary Kiffmeyer’s partisan activities in the Office, Mark felt it was important for him to explain to Minnesota's voters how he will run the Office of Secretary of State. According to Mark's press release, “My ‘Commitment to Minnesota Voters’ is a first step towards restoring trust and nonpartisanship in the Office of the Secretary of State.”

See You at the Fair
Wear your t-shirt and buttons to the Fair and stop by the DFL booth by the East Entrance to say hello to Mark and our volunteer team. Mark will be around the Fairgrounds on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

We now have a schedule of Mark’s events on the front page of our website (, so check it out to see where Mark is going to be.

National Coverage
Our race is becoming a national phenomenon. Check out the front-page story that was printed in USA Today on August 18 at

As explained in this article, several groups are focusing on Secretary of State races across the nation, including our race. One of these groups is the “Secretary of State Project,” which has a fabulous website at This group was started in order “to restore integrity to the democratic process, by making sure that those who end up in the office of the Secretary of State… are people who will use the office to defend democracy, not use it for partisan advantage.”

Also, take a look at Heartland PAC, a group founded by Iowa’s Governor Tom Vilsack. Their website is at

We are going to have several exciting fundraisers soon! They will be in St. Paul on September 14 and 21 and Minneapolis on September 20. Everyone is invited, so please come!

Help us pay for our TV ads and mail this fall by going to our website and clicking on “Contribute” to donate. Remember that the State of Minnesota will reimburse your first contribution of the year of $50 per individual or $100 per couple, so you can donate $50 for free!

We Need Your Body and Your Mind
Election day is quickly approaching and we need your help! If you can volunteer one hour, one day, one week or one month, let us know by contacting Mary B. at or 612-414-6899. We have a variety of volunteer tasks, and we will work with you to find what you are best suited for.

CDF Katrina Project Needs Books

The Children's Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools Katrina Project partners with community based organizations, service agencies and universities in the Cleveland, Columbia, and Jackson, MS areas to provide after-school programming each day public schools are in session for children in families affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The CDF Freedom Schools Katrina Project is currently requesting aid in the form of donated books.

Book donations may be sent to:

Cathy DraneCDF Freedom Schools Site Coordinator1452 N. Broad St.New Orleans, LA 70119

For more information, please visit the CDF Katrina Project website:

I'm Proud to Be a Dean Democrat!

Dick Cheney is at it again.

In a speech to his Republican faithful, the Vice President attacked us for standing up against the administration's failed stay-the-course approach. He said that "Dean Democrats have defeated Joe Lieberman," with "a candidate whose explicit goal is to give up the fight against the terrorists," and a strategy of "defeatism in the face of determined enemies."

Cheney wants us to go back to the days when Democrats were afraid to stand up for what we believe. But we aren't going to let that happen. We know that it is time for change. Dean Democrats are working to make change happen and are standing up for what we believe.

Tell Dick Cheney that you're proud to be a Dean Democrat:

Thank you!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Better Ballot Campaign House Party Reminder

The Mpls DFA IRV & Election Integrity Group invites readers to a Better Ballot Campaign House Party on Tuesday, August 29th starting at 6:30 PM. To RSVP, use the DFA Link. If you want to learn more about how instant runoff voting (IRV) will appear on the November Ballot in Minneapolis, Please go to the Minneapolis Better Ballot Campaign's Web Site. Don't forget that IRV for Minneapolis is an endorsed ballot measure by the NE Minneapolis DFA Group.

Kelley Update: News & Events

Steve Kelley for Attorney General

In this issue:
Kelley at the State Fair
Great Northern Minnesota Tour
In the News


Steve Kelley at the State Fair

Come chat with Steve Kelley about his race for Attorney General. Find out why he’s the best candidate to be your Advocate-in-Chief!

Monday, August 28
DFL Booth, Dan Patch Ave. and Cooper St.
Kids for Kelley Day!

Tuesday, August 29
Air America Debate with DFL Attorney General candidates
Corner of Judson and Liggett

6:15 pm
Speech by Steve Kelley
DFL Booth, Dan Patch Ave. and Cooper St.

Wednesday, August 30
DFL Booth, Dan Patch Ave. and Cooper St.

Great Northern Minnesota Tour
Friday, September 1 –
Moorhead-Greater Moorhead Days Parade

Saturday, September 2 –
Traditional Labor Day Weekend Pow-wow, Red Lake Indian Reservation
Labor Day Weekend Pow-wow, Leech Lake Indian Reservation

Sunday, September 3 –
Iron Range Labor Assembly Labor Day Picnic, Virginia

Monday, September 4 –
Labor Day Parade, Cloquet

In the News
"We’re taking seriously the challenge of continuing the campaign everywhere in the state," Kelley said. "I’ll be getting to northern Minnesota during the Labor Day weekend in advance of the primary."

He spoke to DFL supporters locally Monday night via telephone during Senate 4 candidate Mary Olson’s fund-raiser.

"I think continuing the work that Mike [Hatch] has done in holding health care companies accountable is important," Kelley said.

"One of the twists I’d add is that now is a very good time to be concentrating on pharmaceutical companies and their marketing practices," he said. He’s worried about agreements between companies that have the effect of extending the life of patents in support of drug company profits.

"It’s important to get those costs down...especially the cost of prescription drugs to seniors," he said.

~ Bemidji Pioneer, Kelley sets his sights on race for attorney general, 08/23/2006

You can help ensure that Steve Kelley is our next great Attorney General.

For a Lawn Sign : Contact .

To Volunteer: Go to ; email ; or call our campaign office at 763-544-8691.

To Contribute: Please send a check of $500, $250, $100 or $50 to Kelley for Attorney General, PO Box 27904, Minneapolis, MN 55427. You can also make a secure donation online at .
Steve Kelley will stand up for those who feel powerless against those who misuse power. Please help him bring this vision to the Attorney General’s office and continue building momentum by volunteering or contributing today!

Lourey Fundraisers -- Tuesdays 8/29 & 9/5!

Dear Supporters:

Reminding you that Tuesdays August 29 and September 5 are the evenings to come out and support Senator Lourey in her final push for the September 12 DFL Primary. All the info for the events are below.

Make your plans to join us! If you can't make it, send your donation online today at Thank you for supporting the Becky Lourey for Governor campaign!


EVENT: Fundraiser for Becky Lourey for Governor
WHEN: Tuesday, August 29, 5:30pm to 7pm
WHERE: Azia Restaurant Catepillar Lounge (Back Room)
Corner of 26th and Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis
612-813-1200HOSTS: Scott Benson and Michael Krause
RSVP: Joan or Brenda, 651-917-8400 X16 -or-


EVENT: Mixer at the Mansion: Lourey Fundraiser at Valentino's
Featuring Jazz Saxophonist John Devine
WHEN: Tuesday, September 5, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
WHERE: Valentino's, 200 Concord Exchange North, South Saint Paul
RSVP: Joan or Brenda, 651-917-8400 X16 -or-

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekly Wrap Up

In case you missed the latest events this week:

1) You can rsvp for the DFA-Link Iraq War Forum hosted by the St. Paul DFA Group on the evening of 9/11 by using the DFA Link. Speakers include: Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Edward Morrissey, Lou Ellingson, and Phil Steger.

BTW, this is the same day that Tim Walz will be having an luncheon debate down in Rochester. We expect a busy day of blogging so stay tuned.

2) DFA Link endorsed candidate, Tim Walz (MN-01) is the first MN race to pick up the netroots endorsement. So far Walz has over 130 new donors and over $4k in new donations in just a matter of days. Show your support by making a donation today (you can match mine).

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to add your name to the supporters list on Tim Walz's DFA Link Campaign page. Thank you to one of our newest DFA Link groups in MN, the Parade Brigade, for adding their group's support. Together we can help Tim Walz become the first MN DFA-List Candidate of 2006! (Hat Tip to bluestemprairie for linking to both the DFA Link and our humble blog on this topic.)

3) DFA Link endorsed candidate, Keith Ellison (MN-05) received the endorsement of TakeAction Minnesota (the group formed by the merger of ProgressiveMN and MN Alliance for Progressive Action). Thanks to the many DFA Link members who were in attendance. Keith Ellison received two other noteworthy endorsements on Tuesday: UNITE HERE and UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers). You too can show your support for Keith on his DFA Link Campaign Page.

Just a reminder that Keith Ellison will be having a major event with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ellis, & Larry Long on 8/31. For more information, view this flyer.

4) Speaking of the 5th CD, the NE Minneapolis DFA Group will be meeting on 9/6 (just as most other DFA Link groups around the nation). The catch is that the meeting will likely see an influx of participants after 8p. This slight change is due to the fact that our DFA Link members have been invited to the nearby CD5 DFL Candidate Forum hosted by the Minneapolis Highrise Representative Council, which runs from 6-8p on the same night of NE Minneapolis DFA Group meeting.

5) DFA Link endorsed candidate, Steve Kelley (AG) received the endorsement from our dynamic duo St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelley and Minneapolis Mayor and 2005 DFA-List Endorsed Candidate, RT Rybak. This adds to his wealth of endorsements from around the state.

Look for more news from Steve Kelley this week as he'll take part in an AG debate at the State Fair on Tuesday from 5-6p on Air America AM950's Minnesota Matters. Can't make the debate but want to show your support for Steve? Why not add your name to Steve's DFA Link Campaign Page.

6) This week was a busy start to the Great Minnesota Get-Together known as the State Fair. Some news outlets have debate audio or transcripts and MN bloggers have plenty of commentary in case you missed a detail. We expect more campaigning at the Fair this week so we'll try to keep you updated.

On Thursday CD5 candidates had their chance to debate on on MPR. DFA Link endorsed candidate, Coleen Rowley (MN-02) had her bully match on Friday over at KTLK-FM. Did you miss this 'debate' but still want to show your support for our Agent of Change? Simply add your name to the growing list of supporters on Coleen's DFA Link Campaign Page.

You still have a chance to meet and greet with several of our DFA-Link Endorsed Candidates at the fair by going to the DFL Booth. Thanks to the folks over at the DFLers for posting a listing of who will be there and when as the post also serves a a great State Fair Recap so far.

If you are planning on attend the State Fair on Monday, don't forget to say hi to our DFA Link endorsed candidate, Mark Ritchie (SOS). You can also send Ritchie a message of support on his DFA Link campaign page.

7) And last but not least, this really was the week of the MN Blogger. Thank you to all of the MN Bloggers are joining the DFA Link. Don't forget to invite everyone you know to join us over at the DFA Link.

My final salute to bloggers for the week goes to Truth Surfer for their Thursday blog post: Howard Dean Still Speaks To Me. We couldn't agree more.

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Letter from R.T. Rybak and Chris Coleman

Steve Kelley for Attorney General

Dear Friend,

We are writing to ask you to support Steve Kelley for Attorney General. Steve Kelley has what it takes to be a true champion for safer communities.

The attorney general is the chief law officer of the state. It is a post that requires legal and political expertise. We must not take this election for granted.

Steve has the depth and breadth of both legal and political experience needed to be attorney general. He has been a lawyer for 27 years. He has trial and appellate experience in state and federal courts, including the Minnesota State Supreme Court.

Steve has also been a legislator for 14 years. His foresight led to a Twin Cities region-wide radio system, allowing emergency responders to communicate with each other during a crisis, two years before September 11 would remind us how important this type of communication can be.

Steve deserves his reputation for putting the pieces together to get things done. We know Steve will work with us and our communities to crack down on identity theft, meth rings, gangs, and violence. He will be an advocate for the resources we need to fight crime.

Steve Kelley will be our next great attorney general. He will stand up for those without power, against those who misuse power. He will be a leader—a true public servant driven to unite Minnesotans to work for safer communities for all of us.

Please join us in supporting Steve Kelley for Attorney General on September 12.


Chris Coleman R.T. Rybak
Mayor of Saint Paul Mayor of Minneapolis

Now Is the Time to Make History!

Dear Friend,

Let’s make history! Take September 12 off to work for Keith!

For the last 6 months we have been running a campaign to make peace the guiding principle of the United States. We have been talking about renewable energy, building a sustainable future, single-payer health care, and fully funding public education. We have talked to voters on the phones and at their doors about the exciting opportunity to send a proven Progressive to Washington. Along the road we have had many successes—the DFL endorsement, almost all the labor union endorsements, and most recently the endorsement of TakeAction Minnesota—but it all comes down to September 12.

All of the phone calls, doorknocks, parades, events, fundraisers, and handshakes have boiled down to 18 days. In the next 18 days the congressperson from the 5th Congressional District will be decided, and as the only grassroots-volunteer-driven campaign we need your help!

Your commitment to take Primary Day (September 12) off to get out the vote is crucial to electing Keith to Congress. We also need phoners and doorknockers in the weeks leading up to the general election.

Now more than ever we need to affirm the Progressive values of the 5th Congressional District and send a proven Progressive leader who will stand up and speak with a clear voice on the issues and challenge the Bush administration at every turn.

Now is the time to make history and we need your help!

Help Keith by taking Primary Day off, and commit to phoning and doorknocking on Primary Day and in the weeks leading up to the general election. To sign up, contact Trayshana Thomas at trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg or 612.722.5233.

On September 12, let’s make history.

Prepared and Paid for by Keith Ellison for Congress

WALZ RELEASE: Walz receives Netroots Endorsement


(Mankato, Minn.) – Tim Walz received an endorsement today from the Netroots online community. The Walz Netroots endorsement is the result of continuous attention in the blogosphere. Ultimately, decisions about which candidates receive endorsement are made by the authors of three major blogs: MyDD, Swing State Project, and DailyKos.

As a Netroots endorsed candidate Tim Walz will be a part of the Netroots Act Blue fundraising push, which is currently raising money for 18 candidates across the country. Netroots has raised thousands of dollars for other progressive candidates such as John Tester and Eric Massa.

To read Tim’s endorsement, click here.

To visit the Netroots ActBlue donation clearinghouse page, click here.

“I’m thrilled to be the recipient of an endorsement from the Netroots community,” said Walz. “Netroots is a community of online activists who are eager to see change in their country and I am honored to have their support.

"I would like to thank all the grassroots activists here in the 1st Congressional District and throughout the country who helped me earn this endorsement. The support of the Netroots community, coupled with the support I'm receiving from the citizens of southern Minnesota will make the difference in this race."

National Journal currently ranks the Walz race among the top 40 congressional races in the country.

A number of Minnesota blogs contributed to the grassroots buzz that ultimately earned Walz the endorsement. Those blogs include Bluestem Prairie, MN Publius, Minvolved and Minnesota Campaign Report.

Prepared and paid for by Tim Walz for U.S. Congress.

Wilde Times - August 24, 2006

(Don't miss the parties at Raleigh's place and with George Green's band!)

The Wilde Volunteers have been busily hosting house parties, fundraisers, and phone banks to reach out to voters across the district every week! Join us this week if you can and help us get the word out.

Friday August 25 PHONE BANK 5pm-8pm
Wilde offices in Edina - call Betsy (952) 486-8746
6950 France Avenue South Suite 108

Sunday August 27 3CD day at the MN STATE FAIR
1pm-6pm at the DFL booth with Wendy

Monday August 28 PHONE BANK 5pm-8:30pm
Wilde Offices in Brooklyn Park - call Betsy (952) 486-8746
8501 Wyoming Avenue North
between Hwy 169 & 85th Ave No.

Tuesday August 29 HOUSE PARTY!!! 6:30pm-8:30pm
Raleigh and Bill Wolpert are graciously hosting a house party for Wendy Wilde! Come meet Wendy and help us build a strong campaign.
12809 April Lane, Minnetonka, 952-546-8833

Wednesday August 30 GROUP MAILING 1pm-4pm
Wilde offices in Edina - call Betsy (952) 486-8746
6950 France Avenue South Suite 108

Thursday August 31 DEM-ROCKRACY IN ACTION! 8:30PM - ???
George Greene has organized a "Dem-Rockracy" fundraiser for Wendy.
8:30pm Social time with Wendy Wilde
9:00pm Three Sheets to the Wind
10:30p New Icons

Where: Lee's Liquor Lounge
Directions: Lee's is not far from the Farmer's Market just east of 94 on Glenwood.,+minneapolis,+MN&ie=UTF8&om=1
Lee's website:


EDINA: 6950 France Avenue South Suite 108
BROOKLYN PARK: 8501 Wyoming Avenue North between hwy 169 & 85th Ave No.

Paid for by Wendy Wilde For Congress, Bruce Brillhart, Treasurer
6950 France Avenue South Suite 108, Edina, Minnesota 55435

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Luger Campaign Update

Dear Friend,

The Luger campaign had another great weekend, connecting with voters and increasing Andy's visibility. We knocked on over 100 doors and put up another 134 lawn signs. Didn’t get a lawn sign? Email and we’ll deliver one to you!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are door knocking every Sunday afternoon out of the Luger Campaign Headquarters (1200 Mainstreet, Hopkins) at 12:45 pm. To join us, and help spread Andy's message of innovative solutions to today's crime problems, email

Door knocking isn't your thing? We're also making phone calls. Email to find a location near you!

The Great Minnesota Get Together!

The State Fair starts this Thursday! You can help the Luger campaign by volunteering a few hours of your time at the DFL Booth at the State Fair. If you can volunteer 3 hours, we’ll pay for your admission into the Fair. For more information, or to sign up to volunteer, call or email us at 952-938-2999 or

Andy on Almanac

Andy appeared on TPT's Almanac. If you missed it, visit to watch Andy talk about his fresh new plans to tackle the issues facing Hennepin County.

Andy’s Plans as County Attorney

Andy is committed to tackling the growing gang problem in Hennepin County through a number of innovative and creative approaches. To read more about Andy’s issues and initiatives, visit

To join the excitement and energy of the Luger Campaign, email or call (952) 938-2999 to find out how you can get involved.

Prepared and paid for by Luger for Hennepin County Attorney

Going Up!

Dear Friends,

It is time to go up! That’s right – after 19 long months on the campaign trail, it is time to raise our public profile to the next level by putting up lawn signs and radio ads.

Today we have a crucial deadline – as the election approaches we have to file our finance reports twice as often. We need to do more than put up a bunch of lawn signs; we need to continue to put up fundraising numbers that show America our race is one of the most competitive races in the country.

Help us put Tim Walz up on the radio – visit and make a donation.

Eleven weeks from now, time will be up for the Republican Congress. With your help an entirely new Congress will take over in January – a Congress is up to tackling our toughest problems, that will hold George W. Bush accountable for the mess in Iraq, that will return control of our schools to local communities, and that will tackle the health care crisis in America.

Are you up to doing the hard work of democracy? Tell Tim you’re up for the challenge! Visit

Tim needs your help today – please give generously and ask your friends to do the same.

Sincerely,Kerry GreeleyCampaign Manager

P.S. Visit to donate, or send your check to Tim Walz for US Congress, PO Box 938, Mankato MN 56002. Our next financial report counts only checks dated before midnight tonight. Please put yours in the mail today!

P.P.S. Tim will be at the State Fair DFL booth on Thursday, August 24, and Friday, August 25. If you’re at the Fair, please stop by!

Prepared and paid for by Tim Walz for U.S. Congress.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ellison Extra


There are a LOT of ways you can help choose our progressive future, and this edition of the Ellison Extra will tell you about them all. For starters:

Five Degrees of Separation
In the next three weeks, reach out to five people – your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends, your family – who live in our district. Persuade them that Keith’s vision and passion are the right fit and the best choice for CD5 and our future together, and commit them to voting for Keith in the election on Tuesday, September 12. It’s simple: Reach out, persuade, commit. Your 5 for CD5 will make the difference.

22 Days from a Date with Destiny
Twenty-three days left before Tuesday, September 12, the day the voters of CD5 will have the once-in-a-generation chance to pick our next member of Congress, the person who will lead our bold, progressive district into our future together. This means that we have three weeks to make sure every voter in CD5 hears Keith Ellison’s powerful, progressive message and knows Keith’s unparalleled, proven record of winning victories in the Legislature and in every community in CD5.

Voters in CD5 get Keith’s vision that every human being counts, that no one can be thrown away in an unjust war he has opposed from the start, in a bungled health care system that denies access to millions, and in an unfair economy that works worse and worse for more and more of us. Keith is running for peace through immediate withdrawal, universal health care through a single-payer plan, and economic justice through supporting working families and giving the poor a hand up out of poverty. With your help in the next three weeks, we will make this vision a reality.

Don’t Need a Lieberman Democrat
What the Democrats of CD5 do not need is anemic bipartisanship with a record only of getting the wrong things done. With the Middle East in chaos, the middle class bystanders to economic gains, and the working poor’s overdue minimum wage increase hijacked by a Republican Congress obsessed with yet another tax giveaway to the rich, the day of reasonable, centrist politics for most Democrats is over.
We don’t need a Lieberman Democrat who:
· won’t speak out against the disastrous war;
· won’t push back on the Bush/Cheney abuses of power;
· won’t call out the powerful interests who stack the economy against working people; and
· won’t stand firmly against handing Social Security over to Wall Street.

On Tuesday, September 12, our choice for our future is clear. Our future can be timid, the future of a Lieberman Democrat who will compromise our values on every important issue; or our future can be bold, the 21st-century future of peace and justice envisioned by Keith Ellison, a proven, progressive fighter. Check out City Pages’ “Reichgott Junge’s clumsy dance away from Lieberman” or
“Ember Reichgott Junge: When does a compromiser become compromised?
Junge at Heart”

Commit to Keith! Volunteer Today
There are only 23 days left in the campaign! Do your part to send a proven progressive to the U.S. Congress. We’ll win this election with a massive grassroots effort. Help us reach over 100,000 voters by Tuesday, September 12, Primary Election Day. Here’s what you can do:
1. Call for Keith! Volunteer twice a week to call constituents and persuade undecided voters. We’re calling each evening and on the weekends.
To sign up, please contact our Phone Bank Coordinator, Allison Sharkey, at (612) 729-0765 or
2. Door knock for Keith! Be a part of our door-to-door voter contact effort. We are out in the neighborhoods seven days a week.
To sign up, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Trayshana Thomas, at (612) 722-5233 or trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg
3. Take Election Day off and help with our Get Out Our Vote efforts! Join a cast of hundreds the night before the election and all day on Sept. 12!
To sign up, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Trayshana Thomas, at (612) 722-5233 or trayvolunteer@keithellisonorg

If you’re a member of Take Action Minnesota, then remember to take action on Tuesday and show up for Take Action’s endorsement meeting and raise your hand for Keith Ellison, the only proven progressive candidate who has worked at the grassroots community level in this election and the only candidate who embodies the values that have defined Take Action Minnesota.

Check Out Our Newly Updated Website
Go to and click around our newly-designed site where you’ll find: news updates on the campaign, ways to volunteer, Keith’s stands on the issues, events where you can meet Keith, fundraisers you can attend to help support Ellison for Congress, and more.

Endorsements Continue to Accumulate
Latino Communications Network (LCN) endorses Keith!
Excerpts from the Latino Communications Network endorsement of Keith Ellison:

“First, our endorsement for Congress in the 5th congressional district. This is a very important primary election.... Our endorsed candidate is Keith Ellison. The main reason we endorsed Ellison is because he has been there for the Latino community over and over again. He was there marching with us in April and against the Minutemen when they came into town. He was with us by actively supporting the passage of the DREAM Act here in Minnesota. He was one of only 25 Representatives to oppose HF0001 that required immigration status be shown on drivers’ licenses. In the most recent session he opposed Rep. Knoblach’s bill to preempt the right of Minnesota municipalities to enact separation ordinances that prevent local law enforcement from becoming involved outside their jurisdiction, specifically acting as immigration agents.
“He spoke out against Governor Pawlenty’s statements attributing increased crime rates to immigration. We endorse him because he has been with us and he will continue to be with us. He lobbied very hard for our endorsement and showed the most interest in it…”
The endorsement in full is posted on both the Gente de Minnesota and La Prensa de Minnesota websites (posted 8-18-06). Both of these are weekly newspapers. Latino Communications Network also includes Vida y Sabor, another weekly, La Invasora 1400 AM radio (which played a significant role in mobilizing Latinos to participate in the 40,000 person April Immigrant Rights March), and email lists.
Gente en Español:
Gente en Inglés:
La Prensa en Español:
La Prensa en Inglés:

5th District Candidates Debate on MPR at the Fair
Issues on a stick (or at least that easily grasped, we hope) will be on display as Keith and his challengers in the 5th District debate them on Gary Eichten’s 11:00 a.m. Midday Show on the corner of Judson and Nelson at the State Fair Grounds. Bring your questions (and lunch on a stick, of course) to the MPR site and show your support for Keith.
Coming To A Senior High Rise Near You
In addition to meeting for our usual Wednesday 10:00–11:00 a.m. meeting at Café Tatta Bunna, 2100 Plymouth Ave. N., Minneapolis, we’ll be moving the meeting to various senior high rises in the coming weeks. So please check with Jennie Downey or Patrick, 612-529-3551, to find out where the Ellison Senior Link is meeting each Wednesday. It may just be a short elevator ride away for you this week. With just four weeks to go before the September 12 primary, we need your support now more than ever.

Grassroots-Based Alternative Fuel
What do we need? Financial Support! When do we need it? Now!
Here are some great ways to support Ellison for Congress, meet like-minded folks, and enjoy a fun evening out:

Push for Peace - join Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Representative from Ohio, in support of Keith Ellison, 5th District DFL candidate for the U.S. House. Musicians Ellis and Larry Long. Silent auction featuring the work of Tawu artist group. Master of Ceremonies Phil Steger. Thursday, August 31. Doors open 7pm, concert 8pm. Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis. Tickets $35. Pre-concert reception tickets $100.
Click here for tickets or order by phone at 612-522-4416.

Party to raise money and raise votes - Spot Art Gallery, 1828 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis 612.296.3689 – August 25, 7pm to late

August 31 - Fundraiser at the Midtown Global Exchange – Rooftop Garden Party Room – August 31, 5-7pm.
We are proud of this grassroots campaign. Your contribution is needed. Even a dollar a day from now until the primary will help ensure we get the kind of Representative we deserve – but we need to act now.

All Aboooooard!!!!!
Help get this train into the station September 12 and send Keith to Congress by becoming a progressive donor. Contribute $250, $100, $50, or whatever you can afford to Ellison for Congress by visiting With your help we can elect congressional leadership for the 5th District that works for peace, universal healthcare, a cleaner environment, and great public schools. Pulling together, we can send Keith to Washington to represent your interests, and those of others in our district and our state. Our power is our numbers. Be counted.
Thank you very much for your support!

Stand with Steve, Stand up for MN

Kelley Introduces Bold Agenda
Health Care: A Prescription for Justice
Privacy and Identity Theft
Championing Public Safety
Stand with Steve, Stand Up for MN

Dear Kelley Supporter,

Steve Kelley is committed to continuing and strengthening the Attorney General's legacy of standing up for Minnesota. This week, Steve will begin rolling out an ambitious, innovative agenda for the attorney general's office.

You can help Steve advocate for Minnesota by volunteering for even one hour to do a phone bank or help us at the State Fair. There is more information about volunteering later in this message. Please email to volunteer.

Health Care: A Prescription for Justice

Steve Kelley has a track record of protecting patients. He authored the groundbreaking Adverse Health Events Reporting Law that requires hospitals to keep track of medical errors. He also served as a consumer advocate on the Minnesota Medical Board of Malpractice.

As Attorney General, Steve will:
-challenge pharmaceutical companies and the pharmacy benefit managers that inflate prices, restrict access, or reduce competition. State government must leverage its purchasing power to extract better drug prices for all Minnesotans.
-investigate and aggressively prosecute health insurance fraud.
-continue health care industry oversight to ensure that dollars are spent at the bedside, not in the executive suite.

Protecting Privacy and Stopping Identity Theft

Minnesota was one of the first states in the nation to pass Internet privacy legislation, thanks to Steve Kelley. He safeguarded consumers' personal information from telecommunications companies and authored legislation to prevent Internet "phishing" for private data. Steve is nationally recognized as a leader on privacy and identity theft issues.

As Attorney General, Steve will:
-guard individuals’ rights to protect and control private information.
-assist county attorneys in aggressively pursuing and prosecuting identity theft.

Champion of Public Safety

Gangs and the spread of methamphetamines are serious concerns in many of our communities. Steve Kelley’s 27 years of legal experience in both trial and appellate courts give him the strong background to defend our communities against crime.

As Attorney General, Steve Kelley will:
-make public safety a priority.
-work with county attorneys to effectively respond to increased violent crime in urban areas and smaller communities.
-partner with local law enforcement to fight the scourge of methamphetamine abuse, particularly in Greater Minnesota.

Steve Kelley will stand up for consumers, patients, kids, and seniors. He will fight for all of us. Watch in the coming weeks for more information about Steve's agenda.

Want to stand with Steve as he stands up for Minnesota?

Join us at the Minnesota State Fair! You can volunteer to work a shift at the State Fair by emailing

Just one hour is all it takes to help Steve! We have phone banks Sundays through Thursdays in Wayzata, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. Our phone banks last from 6-9PM and you are welcome to come for all or part of the time. To sign up, email or call Kathy Okins at 612-968-5436.

More volunteer information is available at

Don't have time to volunteer but still want to stand with Steve? Make a contribution online at

Thank you,
The Kelley Team

Kelley for Attorney General
PO Box 27904
Minneapolis, MN 55427 763-544-8691

Monday, August 21, 2006

DFA Link Endorsed Candidate Update: Keith Ellison (MN-05)

The Latino Communications Network (LCN) is the most recent group to endorse Keith Ellison for Congress but did you know that the NE Minneapolis DFA Group endorsed Keith Ellison D-MN 05 before his endorsement by the Fifth Congressional District DFL or the 21st Century Democrats?

Keith Ellison has great support from DFA Link members because of his people powered grassroots campaign. Some of our DFA Link members are hosting a fundraiser in NE Minneapolis on Friday, August 25th. To learn more about this event and to RSVP, use the DFA Link.

To learn more about Keith Ellison or to show your support for his campaign, please go to Keith Ellison's DFA Link Page or his updated campaign web site.

If you can't make the fundraiser on the 25th there is another great event on the 31st with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ellis and others. For more information about this event, use the DFA Link or download the event flyer (pdf).

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wilde Times News & Events August 18, 2006

Dateline Betsy's chair, Campaign HQ, MN-3

Wendy has a primary challenge on September 12 before she can go on to the November 7 General Election. We're raising money to send out a pre-primary mailing. The same two challengers who promised to respect the endorsement at the DFL MN-3 District Convention are not, and they are on the Primary ballot September 12.

Please contribute today to help us reach our $6,000 mailing goal by August 23 so we can send a mailing out reminding DFLers to vote for Wendy Wilde in the Primary.

Please stop by the office or mail your contribution to:Wendy Wilde For Congress6950 France Avenue South, Suite 108Edina, Minnesota 55435
or visit to contribute online.

- 0 -


George Green and "Three Sheets to the Wind" are putting on a show with "New Icon" at Lee's Liquor Lounge on Thursday August 31. Join us for a Wendy Wilde fundraiser and rock the night away!

- 0 -


Meet up with Wendy Wilde Monday August 21:

Minnetonka Senior Democrats "Club Party"
2:00 - 4:00 pm
Monday August 21
The Ridge Pointe Complex, in the Atrium
12600 Marion Lane West, Minnetonka, MN
info: Renita Trouten 952 593-1605

House Party in Edina with Wendy Wilde and Judi Dutcher
7:00-9:00 pm
Monday August 21
Join us at 4145 Parklawn Avenue (off France Avenue) in the Party Room...follow the signs.
info: 952 486-8746

Paid for by Wendy Wilde For Congress, Bruce Brillhart, Treasurer
6950 France Avenue South Suite 108, Edina, Minnesota 55435

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Minnesota Values Project

I'd like to introduce you to a project that I have been involved in for the past year. The Minnesota Values Project began about a year ago. I became an active member of this group as a direct result of a visit from one of the original members to the J&S Bean Factory/St. Paul DFA-Links group.

The Minnesota Values Project is a grassroots project to get candidates, the media, and ordinary citzens to talk about our core democratic values. The goal of MVP is to train candidates and members of the progressive community to speak with a more consistent message by framing their issues in terms of our shared values. I'd like you to invite you to visit our website to find out more about MVP. There you can find out about our shared values, how we difine those values, and what kind of training MVP can offer to candidates, their staff, and progressive activists.

It's free and easy!

Watch Andy Luger on Almanac this Friday!

Dear Friends,

Please tune in tomorrow night, Friday, August 18th at 7:00 pm to watch Andy Luger on TPT's Almanac (Channel 2). If you miss tomorrow night's show check out the Almanac website to stream the video online.We apologize for the short notice and hope you will have a chance to check out the program tomorrow night!

The Luger Campaign Team

[Andy Luger is running for Hennepin County Attorney and has been endorsed by NE Minneapolis Democracy for America.]

Iraq War Forum Sept. 11

Press Release from the Saint Paul Democracy for America Group
Prepared by Rodney Olsen (651-228-7224) and Linda Goodspeed (651-646-1452)
E-Mail contact:

As the Iraq War continues to garner attention as one of the most significant issues of this election cycle, the St. Paul Democracy for America (DFA) group is pleased to sponsor an Iraq War Forum on Monday, Sept. 11, 7:00 p.m., at the Macalester College Weyerhaeuser Chapel, 1600 Grand Ave. in St. Paul. The forum will consist of a panel of four participants and a moderator. There will be an opportunity for questions from the audience. The primary purpose of this forum is to open up a discussion, as opposed to a debate, on this critical issue that concerns us all. For more information visit the website:

The panel members are:

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is Assistant Professor of Justice and Peace Studies at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. For more than twenty years he has studied and written about the relationship of religion, violence and peace.

Edward Morrissey writes at the conservative blog Captain's Quarters as well as at the Heritage Foundation. He also appears on AM 1280 The Patriot on Saturdays as one of the co-hosts of the Northern Alliance Radio Network.

Phil Steger is the executive director of St. Paul-based Friends for a Nonviolent World. Locally he works with the Alternatives to Violence Project, a program that facilitates workshops in prisons, communities and schools. Steger traveled extensively in Iraq prior to the war.

Lou Ellingson is a Navy combat veteran, having served on Swift Boats in Vietnam in 1969-70. He is now a retired Navy Captain, with 25 years of service in the Naval Reserve. Lou resides in Eden Prairie and is a small business owner.

The moderator will be David Perry, who is teaching in the Macalester College Department of History for the 2006-'07 year. His research focuses on cross-cultural contact and conflict in the Middle Ages.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nominate Tim Walz (MN-01) for Netroots Endorsement!

DFA-Link Members have a great chance to help Tim Walz get the Netroots Endorsement via Kos MyDD's ActBlue Page, & the Swing State Project. Local Bloggers have been plugging Tim Walz on Act Blue already. Local Bloggers have even nominated Tim Walz for Netroots support on a special Kos diary. Click on any of these links to show your support today for Tim Walz!

Both the NE Minneapolis Democracy for America Group and the Rochester based DFA Link Group known as Smart Growth have endorsed Tim Walz for Congress. These groups encourage DFA Link members to show your support by signing on to Tim Walz's DFA Link Campaign Site. With all of this net buzz about Tim Walz, can an endorsement from the National Democracy for America Group be far behind?

Welcome to the DFA-Link Endorsed Family

Steve Kelley, a long time DFA Link Candidate, received the endorsement of the NE Minneapolis Democracy for America Group at their August DFA Link Meeting. The endorsement of Steve Kelley for Attorney General round out the NE Minneapolis groups endorsements to a record setting 10 candidates (each receiving volunteer and financial support from members of the group). Kelley's campaign took the endorsement seriously and featured it among other union and progressive endorsements on his web site and campaign literature. Kelley was also endorsed by the DFL State Party this weekend.

We want you to welcome Steve Kelley to the list of endorsed DFA-Link candidates by showing your support at his campaign web sites:

Steve Kelley for Attorney General DFA Link Site
Steve Kelley for Attorney General Official Campaign Site

Monday, August 14, 2006

I see blog posts in our future...

Posting is about to resume with a bang! My posting rights are working again and we'll have new local DFA Link organizers and members posting soon. Please note I've also updated the links on the sidebar. Do you have any suggestions for this blog? If so, use the comments section to advise on anything from formatting to content. Thanks!