Friday, December 02, 2005

GOP idea of progress

I got this from the DFL. Tax cuts for the rich, but tax hikes for everyone else.

" Although the state’s forecast calls for a $701 million budget surplus, Minnesota homeowners - and renters to whom the costs are passed along - will be paying over 10 percent more on their property taxes next year due to Republicans’ past cuts to local state aid. Ironically, the governor’s own commissioner of revenue flew around the state last week to warn Minnesotans of this looming problem. "

So where is MN going with all of this? It seems to me that the GOP wants to make MN just like other red states, with low tax, low service governments. They are de-funding local government. We know what those low service/low tax states look like, they are places like Mississippi, Alabama and so on.

Here is the irony of all of this, they are the biggest recipients of government largesse. Here is a random chart showing that the biggest recipients of Federal dollars. If it weren't for a huge influx of Federal dollars, these states would be in horrific shape. The only way they stay afloat is with a large subsidy. Do we really want to emulate their backward thinking? I don't think so.

The one of the reason I am a liberal is because I believe in social progress. I guess the right wingers are against progress because they won't invest in the future.


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