Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Senate Races - and then there were 3

The US Senate race landscape just narrowed with the switcharoo of Kelly
Doran to running for Governor. With 6 months to the primary it seems
like it is setting up to be an interesting race. I am still trying to
figure out what this all means, how the pieces of this puzzle fit
together. It seems like the electoral world of 6 weeks ago is
completely obsolete.

The Iraq war continues to escalate - The right wing is in free fall on
this issue. It seems that some kind of resolution to this issue is
essential in the minds of the American people. With Bush team in the
mid 30's in approval on Iraq, it seems like a no brainer that this issue
is a winner for Dems at this point. We desparately need some fresh air
in Washington on this issue, we need a break out candidate on this issue.

Katrina - We now know the price of supply side economics, cutting
government and cutting taxes does not lead to an effective government.
Tax cuts for the rich do not stop natural disasters. Replacing experts
with political hacks is no way to make government effective. It is a
tragedy that it took an event like Katrian to expose Republican ideology
for what it is, a failure. It belongs on the scrap heap next to
Communism. In addition we can see the raw underbelly of corruption with
David Safavian who was head of the general services administration and
the point person for giving out Katrina contracts being indicted for
corruption. Ironically, his wife is leading part of the Katrina
investigation. Katrina reconstruction has also become a rallying point
for right wing social experiments. They want to cut Medicare and
environmental regulations, the have already cut Federal wage
protections, and more right wing experiments are on the way. The
Heritage Foundation is leading the way in developing this effort. This
is $200 billion of corruption chum, expect $500 dollar toilet seat, $300
dollar hammer, spectacular, in your face corruption. This also breaks
the Republican grip on the "daddy" message the right keeps pushing.
These people can't keep us safe. If they can't deliver a glass of water
to DT New Orleans, they can't stop terrorists, and they certainly can't
win a war half a world away. They seem like the Keystone Cops.

I don't know how to put our candidates in this context. This seems so
outrageous, how do you wrap your arms around it, do you thump your shoe
one the table, light your hair on fire, preach a sermon, I can scarcely
contemplate these issues in a rational way it is so mindblowingly
obscene and shameful. I think God must be punishing us for letting
these people run the country. It takes your breath.

I also heard an interesting rumor a while back. George W. Bush is on
anti-depressants, Zoloft or Paxil. It makes complete sense when you
think about it. His behavior, the distant look in his eyes, his
detached and sluggish behavior, the long vacations and so on. I had
heard this before a year ago, but seeing him give that lame ass Katrina
speech speech, with those glazed eyes, it completely makes sense. Oh
well, maybe he will get a new chance to get it right with Rita bearing
down on the Texas Coast.

Well I am done for today, I have work to do, buy a Powerball ticket and
watch E-Ring.


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