Monday, September 26, 2005

Letters to the editor

I have found that writing letters to the editor can be a great outlet. You get to let out whatever frustration you have and once in a blue moon they actually get published. And if you get a really good one, you might actually win some points for the good guys.

Whoever said that letters to the editor don't do any good. I just found this post about myself, in time Google reveals all, and it dug this up for me. Its hilarious, I never thought that conservative bloggers would ever waste time on people like me. This is the highest compliment I have ever had, my very own retaliatory thread, to be attacked in person by junior aparatchiks of the right wing noise machine. I laughed so hard I almost fell on the floor. These poor suckers were beside themselves, they even bothered to manually scan my letter into their article. They actually took the time to make snide remarks at me. I'm worth attacking! This is a great boost for my self esteem! Two points for the blue team.

Write a letter, and you too can be a victim of the right wing noise machine. And while you are at it, you can tie up manpower and give them apopleptic fits. This made my day. LOL


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