Tuesday, September 20, 2005

6 months to primary

The days are ticking by and 2006 is starting to creep up on us. We are looking at a whole new world in terms of the electoral landscape. Since 2000 the country has been split right down the middle. Now for the first time in more than 10 years there is a clear trend towards Democrats. There is a huge upside if we can be successful.

The Republicans have been caught in a maelstrom of corruption. But as long as people viewed them as the only party capapble of protecting them, people still voted for them. Now that bubble has been burst. They are incapable of governing. They lack the skill, the demeanor and the desire to forge an effective government. Their agenda involves dismantling government, not making it effective. People are catching on to that, and will vote Dem in the next election 'if' we can get our act together.

Are we ready for this? Are we ready to bring it? What do we need to do to be ready?


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