Friday, September 30, 2005

Howard Dean On Delay

I found this post MYDD Howard Dean calls it like it is. Here is the post from Howard Empowere People.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

News Roundup - Open Thread

What is going on in Duluth. Wierd.

Where is the solidarity for AMFA.

Tom Delay is in trouble needs help from his friends now more than ever. Why? Because Ronnie Earle can't be bought.

Our new Chief Justice will be just like Rehquist. That is exactly what we don't need. We are going to get a new Chief Justice here in MN too.

But wait, I forgot about the real news. You heard about Katrina and Rita, but don't forget poor Kenny and Renee. And don't forget all the people who went hungry because of Kate. We need to get our priorities right.

Monday, September 26, 2005

News Roundup - Open Thread

Looking for a candidate update
Haven't heard much about Bud Philbrook for Governor? He is having a picnic and will be talking about his campaign. Looking for someone to post back about what they hear.
Date: Sunday,October 2, 2005
Time: noon to 2:30 pm (Vikings away game starts at 3 pm)
Place: Battle Creek Regional Park, picnic pavilion, 2300 Upper Afton Road E., Maplewood MN 55119

Feeling Depressed about you CD
Act Blue has a new project just for you.

Norm Coleman prefers the Hamptons to MN
Wow go figure

Gorgeous George Strikes Back
Norm Coleman just can't win

Letters to the editor

I have found that writing letters to the editor can be a great outlet. You get to let out whatever frustration you have and once in a blue moon they actually get published. And if you get a really good one, you might actually win some points for the good guys.

Whoever said that letters to the editor don't do any good. I just found this post about myself, in time Google reveals all, and it dug this up for me. Its hilarious, I never thought that conservative bloggers would ever waste time on people like me. This is the highest compliment I have ever had, my very own retaliatory thread, to be attacked in person by junior aparatchiks of the right wing noise machine. I laughed so hard I almost fell on the floor. These poor suckers were beside themselves, they even bothered to manually scan my letter into their article. They actually took the time to make snide remarks at me. I'm worth attacking! This is a great boost for my self esteem! Two points for the blue team.

Write a letter, and you too can be a victim of the right wing noise machine. And while you are at it, you can tie up manpower and give them apopleptic fits. This made my day. LOL

Iraq Falling Apart

This is starting to get really Scary. Iraq is on the brink of full
scale civil war.

Here from International Crisis Group, the Iraq constitutional process is
falling apart.

Here from the Washington Post.

The Republicans have really made a mess of things over there.

Also, what is up with the media, this gets the same amount of play as the weekend protest against Iraq. I guess 300,000 people protesting is the same to the news people as 300. What gives?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The return of the "Idiot Civilian"

I watched E-Ring the new TV series on NBC starring Benjamin Bratt and
Dennis Hopper about the Pentagon Special Forces people. Dennis hopper
plays the generic crazy, Wild Bill type colonel, ala Blue Velvet. He
talks 'crazy talk' about how he want to smash the idiot neophyte,
whining, brat, civilian political appointee who never served in the

Benjamin Bratt plays the hero. A gentlemanly Git-R-Done, battle tested
Delta Force guy who has a desk job now but still has his idealism and
bends the rules with help from his CIA girlfriend. He is the
prototypical soldier. It is his job to remind Hopper how crazy he is
and that he needs to smash the untouchable idiot civilian appointee and
break the rules so he has room to save the day. For half the show, the
only enemy was the idiot civilian that wants to 'leave our people
behind' and is afraid to take necessary risks. He is the real cause of
the intelligence failures, messing up the efficient and patriotic
soldiers and generals. The idiot civilion is the scape goat. This is
the first TV show or movie that has a scape goat that I have seen that
can only be Republican.

I think that message from the show had an interesting ring to it. It
completely inverts the anti-war message into a pro-military, anti-stupid
civilian line. The real problem is the civilian "political"
appointees. They are building on the fine tradition in America of
hating politicians and Washington and respect for the military. In
addition to that, the military needs to actually fight the political
system in order to get things done. I was expecting Fox style, Walker
Texas Ranger, Highway to the Danger Zone, hero worship. Instead it was
more like Rambo, GI Jane style anti-hero worship. This is no Navy NCIS
type TV show.

What is interesting about their choice of a Rambo model for their
prototype is that he is the eternal anti-establishment soldier, always
the underdog, always running. He wins by bypassing or hijacking the
system not following it, and using his wits not the rules. The arrogant
and thick headed civilians are the real problem in his world, they are
run on twisted politics not reality. Rambo can survive on his machismo,
'All American' internal strength, courage, MacGuyver like ingenuity and
righteous anger, and he always wins. It is the message where the person
wearing the black hat, the rebel, is really the good guy. He must rebel
because otherwise the corrupt system would destroy him. That is a post
Vietnam kind of message, back then it was an inherent criticism of the
paralytic and socially divided political legacy of Lyndon Johnson. The
system that is being portrayed now as being broken and inept, is under
the aegis of the right wing Republicans.

Ronald Reagan and every conservative that followed him frequently used
anti-establishment themes, they believed that the government built by
Roosevelt is the enemy. The measure of their success is that all the
targets they once used as a rallying point, the traditional supporters
of government and civil society have been wiped out or silenced. All
that remains of the Roosevelt and Johnson eras are the bedrock
programs. The thing they must contend with now, and a source of
opportunity for us, is that the political system belongs to them. It is
the result of their ideology. They have engendered a need for total
control of our society. There is no aspect of our society that stands
undiminished or without the threat of takeover. And they use what they
have gained for personal enrichment at the expense of the nation.
Anything they cannot use, they destroy, if for no other reason than to
deprive their enemies of what they want or need. They are breeding a
deep animosity within the American psyche, that will only grow from here
on out.

The Soviets used to call these kind of people aparatchiks, they would
sit in on everything and monitor and try to control everyone, but were
only loyal to their political masters. The aparatchiks made corruption
an essential part of the politcal system, a vile pyramid of graft, greed
and corruption. The malaise that has infected this country is a
Republican malaise. Who would ever have thought ten years ago that the
Republicans could be portrayed as having so much in common with the
Soviets. At this point, one of the messages we can own completely is
the message that the current system must be bypassed, that the only way
to succeed is to rebel against Republican authority, and that the social
paralysis we are experiencing is the result of an ideological and moral
failure by the right.

In a way we are back to where we were 25 years ago, the politics may have finally come full circle. The old messages from the Vietnam era have been inverted. The question I ask myself is how we can take advantage of this new wind blowing through our culture. It may mean that we need a new protest model or method of political expression that can tap into the popular consciousness, people might be waiting for the right message to come along. It may also mean that the Republican themes they used to rely on are now obsolete.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Senate Races - and then there were 3

The US Senate race landscape just narrowed with the switcharoo of Kelly
Doran to running for Governor. With 6 months to the primary it seems
like it is setting up to be an interesting race. I am still trying to
figure out what this all means, how the pieces of this puzzle fit
together. It seems like the electoral world of 6 weeks ago is
completely obsolete.

The Iraq war continues to escalate - The right wing is in free fall on
this issue. It seems that some kind of resolution to this issue is
essential in the minds of the American people. With Bush team in the
mid 30's in approval on Iraq, it seems like a no brainer that this issue
is a winner for Dems at this point. We desparately need some fresh air
in Washington on this issue, we need a break out candidate on this issue.

Katrina - We now know the price of supply side economics, cutting
government and cutting taxes does not lead to an effective government.
Tax cuts for the rich do not stop natural disasters. Replacing experts
with political hacks is no way to make government effective. It is a
tragedy that it took an event like Katrian to expose Republican ideology
for what it is, a failure. It belongs on the scrap heap next to
Communism. In addition we can see the raw underbelly of corruption with
David Safavian who was head of the general services administration and
the point person for giving out Katrina contracts being indicted for
corruption. Ironically, his wife is leading part of the Katrina
investigation. Katrina reconstruction has also become a rallying point
for right wing social experiments. They want to cut Medicare and
environmental regulations, the have already cut Federal wage
protections, and more right wing experiments are on the way. The
Heritage Foundation is leading the way in developing this effort. This
is $200 billion of corruption chum, expect $500 dollar toilet seat, $300
dollar hammer, spectacular, in your face corruption. This also breaks
the Republican grip on the "daddy" message the right keeps pushing.
These people can't keep us safe. If they can't deliver a glass of water
to DT New Orleans, they can't stop terrorists, and they certainly can't
win a war half a world away. They seem like the Keystone Cops.

I don't know how to put our candidates in this context. This seems so
outrageous, how do you wrap your arms around it, do you thump your shoe
one the table, light your hair on fire, preach a sermon, I can scarcely
contemplate these issues in a rational way it is so mindblowingly
obscene and shameful. I think God must be punishing us for letting
these people run the country. It takes your breath.

I also heard an interesting rumor a while back. George W. Bush is on
anti-depressants, Zoloft or Paxil. It makes complete sense when you
think about it. His behavior, the distant look in his eyes, his
detached and sluggish behavior, the long vacations and so on. I had
heard this before a year ago, but seeing him give that lame ass Katrina
speech speech, with those glazed eyes, it completely makes sense. Oh
well, maybe he will get a new chance to get it right with Rita bearing
down on the Texas Coast.

Well I am done for today, I have work to do, buy a Powerball ticket and
watch E-Ring.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

6 months to primary

The days are ticking by and 2006 is starting to creep up on us. We are looking at a whole new world in terms of the electoral landscape. Since 2000 the country has been split right down the middle. Now for the first time in more than 10 years there is a clear trend towards Democrats. There is a huge upside if we can be successful.

The Republicans have been caught in a maelstrom of corruption. But as long as people viewed them as the only party capapble of protecting them, people still voted for them. Now that bubble has been burst. They are incapable of governing. They lack the skill, the demeanor and the desire to forge an effective government. Their agenda involves dismantling government, not making it effective. People are catching on to that, and will vote Dem in the next election 'if' we can get our act together.

Are we ready for this? Are we ready to bring it? What do we need to do to be ready?

Monday, September 19, 2005

open thread

We are back and in full effect.

Welcome To Democracy For Minnesota

This is our new blogspot. Our little hearth in the world wide web.